Buderus Forced Hot Water Boiler Replacement in Beverly Farms, Massachusetts

Buderus G115/5 Oil Boiler Heating System

The Whitehair family of Beverly Farms, Massachusetts experienced a situation that no homeowner wants to deal with. Their home’s boiler was on fire, leaving their home with no heat or hot water. This situation put their home and their lives in jeopardy. They acted quickly and called the experts at Townsend Energy.

We dispatched Anthony Pezzella, one of our most seasoned technicians to their Beverly Farms home. Upon inspection of the Whitehair family’s boiler, our technician recommended a new heating system. Because of the fire, the boiler was no longer functional and needed to be replaced. We recommended a Buderus oil boiler replacement for their Massachusetts home.

Problem: The Whitehair’s boiler caught on fire and was no longer functional.

Solution: Townsend Energy installed a Buderus G115WS/4 Forced Hot Water Boiler with Riello Direct Vent Burner.

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Oil Boiler Replacement in Beverly Farms, MA

When a boiler breaks down, usually you’ll hear strange sounds or noises. Sometimes there may even be a smell coming from the unit. In the case of the Whitehair family, their unit caught on fire and was no longer functional. A boiler fire is a dangerous situation that needs to be dealt with by a professional company.

We installed a Buderus oil boiler in the Whitehair’s Beverly Farms home, alleviating their boiler issues. We chose a Buderus boiler because of the craftsmanship in their systems and the reliability they offer. The Whitehair’s were thankful to have called Townsend Energy and will be delighted to know they have an energy-efficient home heating system that will last years.

In this project, we used the following materials: Buderus G115WS/4 forced hot water boiler, Riello DV oil burner with fresh air intake, Aqua smart control, triple-pass boiler for best in efficiency and longevity, Watts 1156 water feeder & backflow preventer, connect to the existing indirect hot water tank, direct vent kit, all necessary copper piping, with propress fittings, Extrol expansion, (6) six Grundfos circulators with internal flow checks, new supply and return headers, piped in black iron, and miscellaneous fittings.

We also removed and disposed of the existing boiler and all other related materials as part of this oil boiler installation project in Beverly Farms, MA. At Townsend Energy, we keep your safety and well-being as one of our top priorities!

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Buderus G115WS/4 Forced Hot Water Boiler Upgrade

The Whitehair family needed to have a reliable, energy-efficient heating system in their Beverly Farms, MA home. In Massachusetts, winter can cause major headaches for your energy expenses and overall comfort. Due to the complications the Whitehair’s were experiencing, they needed a trustworthy and reliable hydronic home heating system.

We recommended a reliable and efficient Buderus G115WS/4 oil boiler heating system. Buderus has a long and established history, beginning in 1731. Today, Buderus produces some of the world’s most durable and efficient boilers.
Beverly Farms Buderus Boiler Install

Features of a Buderus Oil Boiler:

  • 86% AFUE ratings
  • Evenly distributes water flow through all boiler sections
  • Sturdy blue enameled jacket
  • Reduced maintenance
  • Easy access full swing burner door
  • Flue connection and rear tappings
  • Flushing the boiler through front access plugs
  • Operates at low return temperatures
  • Energy Star Certified
  • 1-year limited warranty on the boiler
  • Pro-rated lifetime warranty on the heat exchanger
  • 5-year warranty on the burner
  • Made of cast iron
  • Baffles and clips to adjust stack temperatures
  • Higher efficiencies with a three-pass design

Buderus introduced an innovative way to keep water heated for more extended periods with its three-pass system. These systems heat water three separate times to extract and deliver more heat from the fuel. By combining their three-pass system and a 3” blue thermal insulation jacket, water temperatures are maintained, allowing for higher efficiencies.

If you are experiencing an issue with your home’s heating system, contact Townsend Energy. Our team of NATE certified experts can determine the best solution for your family’s comfort!

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Buderus Boiler Three-Pass System

After the flame fires into the first chamber, the flue then pushes the flow into the second pass in the front of the boiler. Then the water reverses direction, moving through the third pass to the back of the unit. Finally, the water exits via the flue connection into the chimney.

The cast-iron chassis allows the gases to be held in the boiler longer, allowing it to absorb the maximum amount of heat. As a result, lower stack temperatures and higher efficiencies occur. The durable design is an integral part of Buderus’s unique system.

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Riello Oil-Fired Burner

An industry leader in the oil burner market, Riello burners are designed for ultimate reliability. These oil burners deliver a quiet, worry-free operation with lower energy consumption. Riello oil burner features a lightweight, compact, and durable construction made to last. An automatic air shutter helps to eliminate heat loss and enhances your efficiencies.

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