Weil-McLain Oil Boiler Upgrade In Manchester, NH

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Elaine Lamy realized she had a serious problem with her boiler and knew that it required expert attention. One day, Ms. Lamy noticed that her boiler wasn’t working as well as it usually does, so she inspected the unit. She discovered that the boiler section of her heating system was leaking and this posed a serious problem. Obviously, the boiler wasn’t acting efficiently any longer and the leak seemed potentially dangerous.

Instead of waiting too long, the Lamy family realized they needed to take immediate action and invest in boiler repairs. They called Townsend Energy for a consultation to find out exactly what needed to happen in order to fix this problem.

Townsend Energy sent expert technician Jason Leshner to their home to inspect the boiler and come up with an adequate plan to repair the dangerous leaks that were causing unwanted damage to their home.

Our expert specialist named Jason visited their home and assessed the damage. During his assessment, he discovered that the leaking section of the boiler was damaged beyond repair. He knew that he couldn’t repair the leaking section and told the Lamy family that they needed an oil boiler replacement for their Manchester NH home.

Problem: The Lamy family discovered that a section of their boiler was leaking. This was an obvious red flag so they called Townsend Energy to assess the damage and provide a valid solution to fixing the leaks.

Solution: Townsend Energy expert specialist Jason Leshner visited the premises and inspected the boiler to provide the homeowner with a detailed assessment. During his inspection, he determined that the leak and damage were so severe that it was impossible to repair them. Instead, he proposed replacing the boiler to fix the problem and the homeowner agreed inside the contract so he could get started right away.

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Having to replace their boiler came as a shock to the homeowners but they took the unwanted news in stride. Even more important, they decided on the spot that it would be best to have Jason provide some expert recommendations to help them solve this problem as soon as humanly possible. Not only did he offer expert recommendations and guidance, he immediately created a proposal for the homeowners to view and consider.

Elaine Lamy spent some time reviewing the Townsend Energy proposal and realized that the proposition met her expectations and satisfaction. She agreed to the proposal then and there and signed the contract relatively quickly so we could begin the process of removing the old boiler and replacing it with the new Weil-McLain Model SGO3 and Beckett Flame Retention Oil Burner that we recommended.

Weil-McLain Oil-Fired Boiler Boiler Replacement in Manchester NH

It shouldn’t surprise anyone to discover that a leaky boiler and busted heated system do not mix well with the frigid winters in Manchester NH. As a matter of fact, it would be downright foolish to ignore a leaking boiler in this very cold and potentially dangerous climate. Thankfully the Lamy family had enough insight and decided to call Townsend Energy as soon as possible to fix the problem.

The weather gets brutally cold during the winter in Manchester, so leaving a broken boiler unchecked is always a bad idea. The windy, snowy, freezing cold weather can cause the temperature to drop dangerously low. This would put any family living in a home with heat at serious risk to their health and well-being.
As mentioned earlier, the Lamy realized they had a serious problem on their hands and they weren’t going to wait around and pray that the issue magically fixed itself. Obviously, this is impossible, so calling Townsend Energy was definitely the right move. We sent our expert technician over there right away to determine what was wrong and realized that the boiler needs to be replaced entirely.

Jason Leshner is a good man and he went out of his way to make sure the Lamy got taken care of right away because it’s the beginning of December and it’s already getting very cold outside. He provided the homeowner with a detailed proposal explaining everything that he needed to do including replacing the boiler, adding a Beckett Flame Retention Oil Burner, and performing other necessary tasks to complete the job to perfection.

The homeowner accepted the proposal and before long Townsend Energy was able to get to work and begin replacing the leaking boiler right away. This allowed the homeowners to avoid spending the holidays in a freezing cold house in the middle of New Hampshire.

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Steam Oil Burner Installation: Actions Taken & Materials Used in Manchester NH

  • Copper Pipe and Misc Fittings
  • Low Water Cut Off
  • Automatic Water Feeder
  • All new Smoke Pipe from the Boiler to the Chimney
  • Removal and disposal of existing Boiler and related materials
  • Reuse existing HW storage tank and circulator pump
  • Black Iron Pipe and Fittings for Supply/Return and Return Manifold
  • Main Steam Vents
  • Weil-McLain SGO3 Oil Fired Steam Boiler
  • Assorted Watts Ball Valves
  • Beckett Flame Retention Oil Burner
  • Tankless Coil 65-S-5


Manchester NH Boiler Replacement and Fire Retention Oil Boiler Upgrade

Townsend Energy understood and agreed with the Lamy family’s conclusion that they needed immediate assistance to help them with their leaky boiler. When all was said and done, Jason Leshner, our expert technician realized that the boiler couldn’t be repaired because it was too far gone. If they waited longer, they could have experienced some potentially miserably cold nights in the midst of the winter and Manchester.

Financially speaking, upgrading their old leaky boiler to a new highly efficient model was certainly the right way to go. It will save the homeowners money over the long run and cut down on their overall energy expenses. We were happy to install their new Weil-McLain Boiler and Beckett Flame Retention Oil Burner right away because they really needed our help.

Weil-McLain is a trusted company in the HVAC industry. They are well known for creating products of the highest quality. The company originally came into being in its first iteration in 1881 and they officially became Weil-McLain in 1918 and have more than 100 years of experience in the industry. This brand and company name is synonymous with high-quality craftsmanship and products designed to last for a long time.

Townsend Energy employees spend a large amount of time getting to know our customers because our goal is to meet their needs at all times. It’s also the main reason why we continue recommending the best and most well-respected brands to our clients at every turn.

We will only remain successful if we continue to recommend top-shelf products and provide safe, effective, and affordable services for our customers. That’s what we’ll continue to do and we’ll even continue offering our customers three years of free tune-ups and cleanings along with the 10-year manufacturer’s heat exchanger warranty.

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Expectations of the Weil-McLain Oil Fired Steam Boiler

One of my favorite things about the Weil-McLain Oil Fired Steam Boiler is that it has an AFUE rating of 85%. This is outstanding because it means the boiler itself is burning the majority of the fuel used to heat the boiler and very little is being lost through the chimney or some other type of leakage. In fact, it specifically means that 85% of the fuel used will reach the boiler and is being burned up to heat the Lamy home, which leads to high efficiency and makes this a very effective boiler.

The fuel efficiency is amazing as we’ve discovered, but this boiler also has a very long-lasting lifespan as well. Typically, Oil Fired Steam Boilers can last anywhere from 20-30 years if properly maintained and taken care of.

What does this mean? It means the homeowner is responsible for performing the proper tasks to care for the appliance and they need to initiate a proper maintenance routine to keep it running in tip-top shape. If the homeowner doesn’t know how to perform these tasks on their own, they need to hire Townsend Energy to a regular yearly maintenance contract. We will take care of all of the necessary yearly maintenance so the homeowner doesn’t have to. We’re ready to lend our customers a helping hand, so contact us to set up an annual maintenance contract immediately and nip potential problems in the bud before they begin.

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3 Important Aspects to Consider When Replacing a Steam Boiler

weil mclain oil boiler upgrade

Homeowners need to trust the HVAC specialist that they hire because they need to be able to rely on the product recommendations that they make. To help homeowners better understand what to look for when replacing a steam boiler, we narrowed it down to 3 critical topics to consider.

Townsend Energy has no problem recommending the Weil-McLain SGO3 Oil Fired Steam Boiler because it’s highly efficient, it’s very effective, and it’s safe and has a long lifespan.
The important aspects to consider when replacing a steam boiler include the following.

AFUE Rating

In this particular case, Weil-McLain steam boilers are an excellent choice because it’s highly efficient and it does a great job earning the majority of the fuel used to heat the boiler. In fact, the overall AFUE rating is 85%. Some boilers have higher annual fuel utilization efficiency ratings, but this is definitely a great range nonetheless.

What does this mean for homeowners? It means that the Weil-McLain steam boiler is incredibly effective at utilizing the fuel needed to power the system. It burns 85% of this fuel and loses very little due to inefficiency or leaks. This means your fuel will last longer and you will not unintentionally waste any of it due to circumstances beyond your control.


Boiler Safety & Reliability

The homeowner should always keep safety in mind when choosing a new steam boiler. And that’s exactly what this family received after contacting Townsend Energy. The boiler that the Lamy family chose has two flue outlets – one of the top and one at the rear – which delivers complete venting flexibility. Combine this with the quick open top and swing-away burner door and the exclusively captured elastomer seals that add additional reliability to the unit.


We discussed this already but it bears repeating. The highly efficient steam boiler has an AFUE rating of 85%. This means that it doesn’t have any inefficiencies as far as fuel consumption is concerned. It operates at the proper levels and it doesn’t require increased fuel consumption, which means the homeowner will continue to run their new boiler as inexpensively as possible because it burns the majority of the fuel needed to keep it running efficiently.

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Important Considerations While Upgrading a Boiler

  • Boiler Lifespan & Longevity – one of the biggest reasons to consider a particular product over another is if it’s known to have a long lifespan. The great thing about oil fired steam boilers is they have a lifespan of 20-30 years, which means they are designed to last for a long time.
  • Highly Energy Efficient Boiler – in this particular case, the AFUE rating is 85%. This means the boiler is operating at a highly efficient level and it burns the majority of the fuel used to heat the home. This is wonderful because it helps homeowners lower their fuel expenses.
  • Boiler Brand – choosing a trustworthy brand is typically the right way to go when picking a new oil-fired steam boiler. In this situation, we chose the Weil-McLain Steam Boiler because of the product’s longevity and the fact that the brand has been in business for more than 100 years and counting.
  • HVAC Contractor – picking a trustworthy contractor who has your best interest at heart is always incredibly important for a job like this. Townsend Energy is an excellent choice because we have a phenomenal reputation in Manchester NH. We go above and beyond for our clients and diligently put in the work to get the job done right.
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Homeowners understand that it’s always a great idea to call Townsend Energy whenever they need expert HVAC services and boiler repairs, upgrades, or replacements. We are considered one of the top companies for heating services in Manchester NH and the surrounding region. Our company employees specialize in providing yearly maintenance, top-level recommendations, and expert repairs at all times.

We focus on providing our customers with the best possible service until it meets their ultimate levels of satisfaction. Anyone in need of a brand-new boiler or an upgrade or replacement should get in touch with our company right away! One of our qualified representatives is ready and waiting to provide expert assistance!

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Townsend Energy Provides Oil Boiler Installations In Manchester, NH

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Townsend Energy offers superior heating and cooling services in Northeastern Massachusetts, Southern New Hampshire, and Maine.

We make sure to hire certified technicians who can provide you with excellent services, including tune-ups, repairs, installations, and replacements. Each technician has outstanding knowledge and experience to serve your HVAC system needs correctly.

Townsend Energy guarantees to provide the most competitive heating and cooling service costs in the area. Our maintenance services ensure to improve your comfort, increase your system’s energy efficiency, and reduce your home’s heating and cooling costs.

Need your system repaired or replaced? We’ll recommend the best one for your home and is within your budget. The best part is, all our work is backed with a guarantee to ensure your satisfaction. To schedule an appointment, give us a call today! We also offer free, in-home estimates.

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Michelle D.

Hello! We would like to thank you for selecting us to install your new equipment. Here at Townsend Energy, we take pride in what we do and would love to hear how your installation went. In advance, thank you for your time and your review.

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Michelle D.

Hello! We would like to thank you for selecting us to install your new equipment. Here at Townsend Energy, we take pride in what we do and would love to hear how your installation went. In advance, thank you for your time and your review.

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