Carrier Central Air Conditioning System Installation In Essex Massachusetts

Carrier Cooling System Installation Essex Massachusetts

The Edington family had a very unique style home that had no central air in their home, with no ductwork anywhere and was having a hard time getting ductwork into the 1st floor. Since there was no pre-existing cooling equipment, the Edington family had to rely on air conditioners to stay cool.

As the summer was about to roll around the corner, they knew they needed to do something for their at-home cooling needs. They called Townsend Energy to see what could be done and what the options were.

We dispatched Kevin Anderson, one of Townsend Energy’s HVAC experts to the Edington’s home. Kevin assessed that there was no previous cooling system or ductwork in place. He recommended a Carrier Central AC Installation for the Edington family in Essex Massachusetts.

Problem: The Edington family did not have Central AC or ductless for Central AC and relied on window air conditioners for the cooling of their home in Essex, Massacheuttes. As well, with window air conditioners they increase energy bills and can only keep certain rooms cool.

Solution: Townsend Energy installed a Carrier Central AC unit in the attic and installed a ductwork system into the second and first floors. By adding a new Carrier Central AC unit, the Edington family will have an evenly cool house this summer and many more summers to come.
We improved the home’s airflow characteristics with ductwork to ensure the best level of comfort and indoor air quality.

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Carrier Central HVAC System Installation In Essex, MA

Carrier air conditioning systems are extremely energy-efficient and offer exceptional performance. With Carrier, homeowners can expect trustworthy performance for many years. This is one of many reasons why Townsend Energy highly recommends Carrier HVAC systems to all of its clients.

The Edington family was looking to upgrade their window air conditioners for a central air system that they could rely on to keep them cool. As well as keeping their energy costs down all while improving their at-home comfort. That is exactly what Carrier systems do. These Carrier systems are very affordable and offer a great return on your investment compared to window ac units. In the Edington family home, Townsend Energy installed a Carrier 4 Ton R410a condenser model # 24ABB348ABN3, and a Carrier 4 Ton R410a Air Handler Model FB4CNP048L00.

As part of this installation project, we had to install new ductwork in the Edington’s attic. Because of the unique style of the home, this was a tough job and required us to build new ductwork in the attic to lead into the second and first floors. This ductwork is essential to having even cooling distributed throughout the Edington family’s home.

new ac ductwork for ac in Essex Massachusetts

Carrier® Comfort 4-Ton R410a condenser

We installed a Carrier® Comfort™ 4-Ton condenser unit, (Model #24ABB348ABN3) in this home. Some of the features of this system include:

  • Durability with WeatherArmor™ protection package
  • 10-year parts limited warranty
  • Solid metal design
  • Baked on powder coating for protection
  • Reliability with Puron® refrigerant
  • Environmentally friendly, so it won’t deplete the ozone layer and offers a low lifetime service cost.
  • Maximum reliability with its balanced refrigeration system
  • Balanced refrigeration system
  • Internal thermal overload
  • Comfort with optional Edge® Thermidistat™ or standard thermostat controls
  • Efficiency of 13.0 – 13.2 SEER/10.8 – 11.0 EER
  • Microtube Technology™ refrigeration system
  • Indoor air quality accessories available

With this Carrier condenser, the Edington family won’t have to worry about depleting the ozone or environmental impacts by using the Carrier condenser that is unmatched by any other family of equipment.

Carrier® 4 Ton R410a Air Handler

ac installation in attic Essex Massachusetts

We installed a Carrier® 4 Ton R410a Air Handler Model FB4CNP048L00 into this home. Some of the features are:

  • Quiet, efficient, and tested blower housings and diffusers
  • R-4.2 insulation built with vapor barrier
  • 10-year parts limited warranty
  • Puron® refrigeration
  • Sweat connections with leak-preventing technology
  • Thermostatic expansion valve
  • Options for high and low voltage wiring
  • Sturdy and drainable condensation pans
  • Five available speeds for a range of applications
  • Multi-tap electronic commutating motor
  • Integrated motor controls that have a 90-second shutoff
  • Innovative design

With this Carrier Air Handler, the Edington family will be enjoying cooler summers with the multi-speed blower settings and energy savings from this unit. By combining these two units with ductwork, the Edington family has set their future with lower energy bills and a much more evenly cooled home for years to come. As well, this will increase the value of their home.

ceiling registers for new ac system in Essex Massachusetts

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What’s Cheaper, Window AC Units Or Central Air?

Our client in this case study needed to have a Central AC System installed in their home since using window ac units were becoming expensive. All homeowners should know some of the benefits of going with a Central AC System versus having window ac units. These benefits will showcase why having a Central AC System is more economical and energy-efficient.

Central air conditioning will cost a bit more to install than some window AC units. Having Central AC installed is more energy-efficient than several window air conditioners running, quieter than window air conditioners, is hidden from plain sight, and is a cost-worthy investment that will add to the home’s value and keeps costs energy costs low in the long run.

Window ac units would be cheaper if you had 1 or 2 rooms only that need to be cooled, but any more rooms and you’d be left with uneven cooling and potentially high energy costs.

How Long Do Central AC Units Last?

The average life expectancy of a Central AC unit is between 12-15 years but can vary depending on some other factors. If you have too big of a Central AC unit installed for your home, it will constantly have to cycle which will produce wear and tear on the unit, depreciating its life expectancy.

As well as having routine maintenance done will help elongate the life of the Central AC unit. Best to have a trained expert come to see what sized Central AC unit that would best fit your house’s size and cooling needs. One of the best brands to go with is Carrier, especially with a warranty. If you are looking for a Carrier Central AC Installation, in Essex, MA, reach out to Townsend Energy!

Is Air Quality Better With Central Air Cooling Systems Than Window AC Units?

Absolutely yes! With most window AC units, they do not have great filtration systems for the air coming in from outside and all those nasty bits can be pushed into your home. For example, with Carrier, you get filters that work to filter out most airborne particles so you and your family can breathe easier.

How Much Energy Does a Central AC System Use Versus Window AC Units?

Most window AC units can take between 500-1400 watts to run depending on the size of the unit. In this case study, the Edington’s had a few window AC units so you could average out between 1500-4,200 watts of energy being used. With a Central AC System, the average power being used is about 3500 watts for a 1200-2000 square ft home. These can vary based on how cool the home is being kept and how big the home is in size.

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The Edington family’s home is now going to be more comfortable in the summer thanks to their new Carrier Central AC System installation from Townsend Energy. By installing a first time Carrier Central AC System, they will have cooler summers with even room cooling and see energy savings for years to come.

If you’re interested in learning more about how we can help you save money and improve your family’s comfort at home, contact Townsend Energy today.

At Townsend Energy, we provide excellent products combined with top quality service. Our service technicians are properly trained and certified, allowing them to provide you with experienced knowledge on services. They treat every job and task as if they are working on their own home. We pride ourselves on offering the best cooling service in the area with HVAC experts with years of experience working on homes just like yours.

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