Fujitsu Electric Ductless Heating And Air Conditioning Installation in Gloucester, Massachusetts

Fujitsu Ductless Installation Gloucester MA

Grand Banks Building Products, a local business in Gloucester MA, has been serving builders and homeowners in the Greater North Shore region of Boston since 1988. In their current facility, did not have a central air conditioning system in place. Consequently, they called Townsend Energy to assess their situation and recommend a solution.

Concerned with a disruption to their business, comfort levels, and expenses, we recommended a Fujitsu ductless heating and cooling system installation. These systems are quick and easy to install. Additionally, Fujitsu ductless air conditioning units are whisper quiet, unobtrusive, and very comfortable. The units installed in the Grand Banks Building Products offices are capable of producing cooling as well as heat. In fact, these systems are capable of producing heat in extra-low temperatures!

Problem: Grand Banks Building Products did not have a central cooling system which greatly affected their comfort.

Solution: Townsend Energy installed a Fujitsu ductless mini-split system on all three floors of the Grand Banks Building Products in Gloucester, MA.

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Fujitsu Electric Ductless Heating And Air Conditioning Installation in Gloucester, MA

Grand Banks Building Products is in the business of making dreams come to reality for their clients through windows, doors, and cabinetry. Their facility contains a showroom and offices that are occupied by employees and customers. year-round comfort was a primary concern as well as minimal disruption to their working space. The choice to install Fujitsu ductless allowed Townsend Energy to quickly install an energy efficient, comfortable HVAC solution with minimal disruption in their showroom and facility.

This project consisted of the following components:

First Floor

  • One outdoor unit (Fujitsu model # AOU24RLXFZH) equipped with extra-low temperature heat generation, mounted on a pad
  • Three indoor wall-mounted evaporators (Fujitsu model # ASU24RLF and ASUI5RLFI)

Second Floor

  • One outdoor unit (Fujitsu model # AOU24RLXFWH) equipped with extra-low temperature heat generation, mounted on a pad
  • Two indoor wall-mounted evaporators (Fujitsu model # ASUI2RLFI)

Third Floor

  • One outdoor unit (Fujitsu model # AOU24RGLX) heat pump & air conditioning system, mounted on a pad
  • Two ceiling cassette evaporators (Fujitsu model # AUUI2RLF)

All of the outdoor units were connected to their respective indoor components with insulated line sets. The line sets where concealed on the outside of the building with line set covers.

We were able to install their new ductless mini-split units with zoned temperature control for each floor of their building. Not only does this improve the comfort level throughout the entire facility, it also helps decrease wasted energy consumption.

Having a ductless system installed in your business can help keep both customers and employees comfortable. Research has shown that comfort plays a significant role in the productivity of workers. Likewise, it impacts the sales of a business. Therefore, providing your employees and customers with an environment that can feel comfortable in will only improve the operation of your business.

If your office building or home needs a better heating or cooling system, make sure to call Townsend Energy. We have comfort specialists ready to assess your situation and offer a solution.

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Fujitsu Mini-Split Ductless Heating And Cooling System in Gloucester

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Even though Gloucester is located in the North Shore area of Massachusetts, the dog days of summer can get hot and humid. It is for these reasons that Grand Banks Building Products decided to improve the indoor comfort of their facility with a series of Fujitsu ductless mini split air conditioning heat pumps.

The challenge of retrofitting an existing building with new, bulky ductwork makes the decision to go with ductless HVAC systems easy. Additionally, the impact to a commercial business of a complicated installation process is not appealing. Again, the decision to install ductless greatly reduces the negative impact and disruption within the business.

Fujitsu Ductless Air Conditioning Gloucester MABy reviewing the building and assessing the situation, we recommended a Fujitsu ductless mini-split system. We installed three outdoor Fujitsu units (one per floor zone), models AOU24RLXFZH, AOU24RLXFWH, and AOU24RGLX. Together, these three outdoor units provide the necessary control to power up the 7 indoor wall mount and ceiling cassette units.

Some of the features of this Fujitsu mini-split ductless air conditioning & heating system include:

  • Energy Star Certified
  • 25,000BTU Heating
  • 22,000BTU Cooling
  • 20 SEER Ratings
  • Individual Zoning
  • Inverter Technology
  • Inverter Control
  • Extra Low-Temperature Heating
  • Base Freeze Prevention
  • Cassette Model Fits Into Standard Ceiling Tile
  • Hidden or Showcased Indoor Unit
  • Stable and comfortable
  • ETL Certified
  • AHRI Certified
  • ISO Certified

Fujitsu mini-split ductless heating and cooling systems work best with any style of home or business. Another benefit to ductless HVAC systems is their whisper quiet operation. The employees of Grand Banks Building Products can enjoy all the modern conveniences of air conditioning while never dealing with loud noises that a window air conditioner produces. Furthermore, Fujitsu ductless cooling equipment is non-intrusive and aesthetically pleasing which was important to a company in the business of providing interior design solutions!

If your home or office is experiencing a similar situation as Grand Banks Building Products, be sure to give the professionals at Townsend Energy a call. Our experienced and knowledgeable technicians can assess your situation and find the best solution that works for you. Call today for a free, in-home estimate.

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What Is Multi-Zone Ductless Heating And Cooling?

Multi-zone heating and cooling systems enable a homeowner or business owner to control temperatures in individual rooms or spaces. These systems possess two primary components. An indoor air-handling unit and outdoor compressor/condenser.

These systems are easier to install than conventional HVAC systems. The installation process consists of permanently mounting an outdoor unit on a pad in an inconspicuous location outside. An attractive indoor unit is mounted, typically to the wall. The outdoor unit is connected to the indoor unit by a line set. This line set can be installed on the outside of the building and hidden in a PVC channel. The installation of the line set from the outside to the inside only requires a 3 inch hole to be drilled through the exterior wall of the building. Mini-split heat pumps are excellent comfort solutions for residential and commercial properties. They work well in new constructions, older style homes, offices, and more.

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What Are The Benefits Of A Ductless System in Gloucester?

Ductless heating and air conditioning systems are customizable, energy-efficient, and environmentally friendly. They allow homeowners the capacity to control the temperature for specific zones or rooms of their homes.

They allow you to set the exact temperature you desire, providing consistent and complete year-round comfort. Other advantages include:

  • Save Money On Energy Expenses
  • Improve Indoor Air Quality
  • Lower Carbon Emissions

Ductless is the perfect solution for various applications. Even if you have a current heating or cooling system, ductless could save on your energy expenses. Ductless offers complete comfort in each room in a home or business. It even works in temperatures as low as -15 degrees F and can have SEER ratings as high as 20!

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How Long Do Mini-Split Systems Last in Gloucester?

A well-maintained ductless system can have a 20-year lifespan or longer. As is the case with any mechanical piece of equipment, properly maintained & serviced equipment lasts longer and operates smoothly and efficiently.

A Heating & Cooling System With Options

Multi-zone ductless heat pumps and air conditioning systems are perfect for individuals looking to add heat or cooling to new additions. If you have ductwork, boilers, or furnaces in your home and are building a sunroom or garage, ductless is the perfect answer.

They allow for a single room or space, heating and cooling without connecting to your current boiler or furnace heating system. This gives you complete control over the temperature, the way you like it.

By choosing a multi-zone, mini-split ductless heating and cooling system, Grand Banks Building Products will have years of complete control over the temperature in their building. This allows individual control in each zone or room of their building. Grand Banks Building Products will also enjoy better air quality in their business for years to come.


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Installed new pressure reducing valve with combo back flow preventer, and tuned up Viessman gas boiler with cleaning and combustion testing .

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Brian M.

Installed new upper & lower head gaskets, lower boiler cover , tension clip and ignition components for your Viessman Boiler.

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Sarah .

Hi Nancy, It was a pleasure speaking with you and setting up your new Townsend account.   At Townsend, we value our customers' feedback and would greatly appreciate if you could leave a review on the service that was provided by Sarah.  Thank you!

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Hi Richard, it was a pleasure speaking with you and setting up your new Townsend account.   At Townsend, we value our customers' feedback and would greatly appreciate if you could leave a review on the service that was provided.  Thank you!

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