Fujitsu Mini-Split Ductless Installation in Salem, Massachusetts

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The Brazil family contacted Townsend Energy to deal with a problematic room that was not heating or cooling properly. After inspecting their situation, Brian Thayer, our technician for this project, identified that the best solution for the homeowner was to install a Fujitsu multi-zone ductless system in their Salem, MA home.

One indoor air handler would provide heating and cooling to the first zone, the brand-new master suite addition. The other two indoor air handlers provided comfort to the other two zones, the kitchen/living room and the front left bedroom.

Problem: The Brazil family had a room that would not heat or cool properly.

Solution: Townsend Energy installed a Fujitsu multi-zone ductless system in the Brazil’s Salem, Massachusetts home.

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Fujitsu Mini-Split Ductless Installation in Salem, Massachusetts

Originally, the Brazil family wanted to improve the level of comfort in their new master suite. They were also interested in improving the comfort of their kitchen, living room, and front left bedroom. These were rooms that they frequently used. Like many homeowners, they wanted a solution that would perform efficiently and reliably. For these reasons and more, Brian recommended a Fujitsu multi-zone setup.

A ductless system was a perfect match as it would provide customizable comfort to their new addition, kitchen, living room, and front bedroom. By installing three Fujitsu indoor air handlers, the Brazil family will now have an adequate level of heating and cooling all year long.

If you have any rooms in your home that experience temperature swings, call Townsend Energy! We have NATE certified HVAC experts ready to diagnose your HVAC issue and offer the best and most affordable solution to improve your comfort.

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Fujitsu Multi-Zone Ductless ASU9RLF1 Mini-Split For Salem, MA Homes

Fujitsu Ductless Installation SalemMany homeowners are interested in the benefits that ductless systems have to offer. Their unobtrusive sleek design does not affect the aesthetic appeal of a home. They also have high SEER ratings, which translates into low heating and cooling costs. For most setups, an HVAC contractor can install them in a day with minimal disruption to a family’s everyday activities. They only require a small, 3-inch hole to run the cables that connect the indoor unit to the outdoor unit. One outdoor unit can connect to as many as 5 indoor units. Therefore, a ductless multi-zone installation was the best choice for the Brazil family.

At Townsend Energy, we aim to provide our customers with the best HVAC equipment that the industry has to offer. The heating and cooling equipment that we recommend must be reliable, energy-efficient, and provide a level of comfort that meets our customer’s needs. It should fulfill these criteria while staying within our customer’s budget. When it comes to ductless systems, Townsend Energy always recommends Fujitsu. Fujitsu delivers high-quality HVAC equipment that is highly affordable, energy-efficient and performs well.

Some of the features that the Fujitsu ASU9RLF1 indoor air handler offers include:

  • 5-Year Warranty
  • 9K BTU/h
  • ETL Listed
  • ENERGY STAR® Qualified
  • AHRI Certified
  • ISO Certified
  • Inverter Technology
  • Advanced Air Filtration System Including Washable Panel Filter & Humidity Control
  • Whisper-Quiet Operation
  • Wireless Remote Control
  • Sleep Timer and 24-Hour Timer
  • Auto Mode
  • Dry Mode
  • Economy Mode
  • Power Diffuser
  • Up To 23 SEER
  • Four Indoor Unit Styles: Wall Mount, Cassette, Floor Mount, and Slim Duct

All of the features of this ductless mini-split system offer a wide range of benefits that our Salem MA customers will appreciate. They can now customize their comfort in three different zones while enjoying low heating and cooling costs. Furthermore, Townsend Energy was able to find an affordable solution that they can depend on for many years.
If you or a loved one is experiencing a problematic room in your home, be sure to call the experts at Townsend Energy. We can find an energy-efficient solution that meets your comfort needs while working within your budget. We also offer financing to those with good credit. Call now to schedule a free, hassle-free consultation.

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What Are The Benefits Of A Multi-Zone Ductless System In Salem, MA?

Ductless HVAC systems are customizable, environmentally friendly, and extremely energy-efficient. These multi-zone systems allow homeowners to control the temperatures in any room or zone that has an indoor air handler. You can keep the living room at 75 degrees, for example, while another household member can keep their bedroom at 70.

You could even turn the system off when leaving to save on energy costs. Furthermore, each indoor air handling unit has an air filter to remove pollutants and contaminants from the air, providing better air quality. Many Fujitsu systems also come with an Apple-Catechin filter for ion deodorizing.

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What Is Fujitsu Halcyon HFI?

Halcyon HFI or Hybrid Flex Inverter is a system that Fujitsu uses in some of their ductless units. It allows 2 to 5 indoor air-handling units that connect to one outside condenser unit. This system enables it to be more economical to operate and allows for a quieter operation.

The inverter control component allows for varying speeds and output from the condenser to the indoor air-handling unit. This inverter can achieve 30% or more efficiencies over traditional HVAC systems. This is why many homeowners with central HVAC systems install ductless units as a means to lower their home heating and cooling costs.


What Is The Difference Between Multi-Zone And Single-Zone Ductless Systems?

Most ductless installations fall under either one of two types of setups. The first is a multi-zone ductless installation and the second is a single-zone ductless installation. A multi-zone setup means that an HVAC contractor installs 2 or more indoor air handlers in a home. Each indoor air handler controls a single room or zone within the home. Multi-zone ductless systems can have up to eight indoor handlers that all connect to one outdoor unit. A single-zone setup encompasses a single room or zone in a home. Therefore, there is one indoor air handler that connects to one outdoor unit. Fortunately, ductless systems offer flexibility. A homeowner can add more indoor units as necessary. It does not have to occur right away.

Ductless units can be used in various situations. Some applications include:

  • New additions where ductwork cannot extend
  • Problematic rooms that do not heat or cool properly
  • Offices
  • Sunrooms
  • Garages
  • Sheds
  • Finished attics
  • A supplementary system to a central HVAC system
  • Homeowners and business owners who are interested in lowering their energy costs

If you are interested in learning more about ductless heating and cooling systems, be sure to schedule a consultation with Townsend Energy today. We will gladly take the time to answer all of your questions. Call today to schedule an appointment.

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