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The D’Erasmo realized that they had a serious problem in their basement that needed an immediate solution. It gets incredibly cold in the middle of the winter in Barrington, NH. This family found it nearly impossible to spend time in their basement because of the frigid temperatures. Instead of vacating the space until it warmed up again in the spring, they decided to take matters into their own hands and fix the problem.

They called Townsend Energy and we immediately visited their home to assess the situation and provide a free consultation. Our expert technician Jason Leshner visited the premises and determined the best course of action was to install ductwork off of the current heating unit.

By adding additional ductwork in conjunction with the existing heating system, Jason and his team were able to install a third zone in the basement. The additional zone made it possible to heat the frigid area and the D’Erasmo’s were more than happy to use their space in the basement because it’s toasty warm and heated at a comfortable temperature at all times. Keep reading to explore more on this ductwork installation Barrington NH.

Problem: The D’Erasmo household had an especially cold basement during the frigid Barrington, NH winter. They decided it was time to finally heat this frozen tundra and make it more livable during the winter.

Solution: Our expert technician Jason Leshner visited their home to determine the best way to add heat to their basement. He decided it was best to install ductwork off of the existing heating unit to create a third zone in the basement.

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4 Signs That It’s Time To Add Or Replace Ductwork In Barrington, NH

Below, we discuss some of the tell-tale signs to look for when you have an HVAC ductwork issue on your hands.

A Section Of The Home Is Cold


Is a section of the home so cold that it’s nearly impossible to live in or function within the space? In this case, it’s best to add or replace ductwork depending on what the situation warrants.

In a basement scenario like the one above, there might not be existing ductwork, to begin with. This situation warrants adding new ductwork and tapping into the existing heating system to deliver much-needed heat to the freezing cold basement.

Maybe another area of the home is exceptionally cold yet the rest of the heating system is working perfectly. This could happen because the existing ductwork is no longer operating at its highest capacity. It might be leaking from cracked or in properly sealed ductwork and the only option to correct the problem would be to replace it entirely.

Our expert technicians at Townsend Energy can determine the best course of action in either of these scenarios. Contact us to find out how we can lend a helping hand.

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Monthly Energy Bills Are Higher Than Normal

image of a couple paying high energy bills due to leaky ductwork

In this particular scenario, the ductwork within the home is either damaged or clogged, so the heating system is forced to work harder in order to supply the necessary amount of heat to keep the home warm in the winter. This is a serious problem that shouldn’t be ignored because a homeowner is figuratively burning through their hard-earned money by burning excessive fuel to compensate for the faulty ductwork.

If heated or cooled air is leaking out through the cracks or holes in the ductwork, it’s best to replace the existing ductwork immediately before the problem gets even worse. Expert HVAC technicians like our staff at Townsend Energy are ready and willing to replace the broken ductwork with brand-new, highly efficient ductwork that will save the homeowners a great deal on their energy expenses moving forward.

Hot And Cold Spots Are Noticeable Throughout The House

image of a child feeling chilly due to old hvac ductworkIf the homeowner is starting to notice temperatures changing dramatically as they move throughout the house, it’s possibly happening because of leaky ductwork. Or another reason might be that the ductwork installed is sized inappropriately for that particular room or section of the home.

Either way, something needs to be done immediately in an effort to even out the temperature spread out throughout the home. Having an incredibly warm room in one section of the house while having a freezing cold room in another section of the house isn’t appropriate and it’s not supposed to happen.

Our team of expert technicians will gladly visit the home to replace the broken or inappropriate ductwork in the affected sections of the home. We will determine the areas most in need of our expertise and provide detailed suggestions and a proficient plan to make the necessary corrections as efficiently as possible.

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The HVAC Ductwork Was Installed Many Years Ago

hvac ductwork installation

Homeowners often know precisely when their ductwork was last installed. If this is the case and new ductwork hasn’t been installed for more than 15 years, it’s likely time to replace it before bigger and more serious problems rear their ugly head.

Unfortunately, ductwork wasn’t designed to last indefinitely. It will eventually develop cracks, holes, and leaks that hurt energy efficiency levels and cause homeowners to burn more energy to cool or heat their home. This is an avoidable problem that immediately gets fixed as soon as our expert technicians replace the old and rundown ductwork that no longer operates at its maximum levels of efficiency.

This problem doesn’t need to haunt homeowners for any extended length of time. Feel free to contact Townsend Energy right away if it seems like the ductwork within the home needs to be replaced for any or all of the reasons mentioned above.

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Ductwork Upgrade Considerations

  • Trustworthy HVAC Ductwork Brand – it makes tremendous sense to choose a trustworthy brand whenever it’s time to replace the ductwork within a home. By choosing a trustworthy brand, homeowners are choosing a company because it is known to create high-quality products with a healthy life span.
  • Energy Efficiency – recently, HVAC experts like our team at Townsend energy are capable of providing energy efficient designs for ductwork. This will distribute the air better throughout the home and prevent leaks to keep comfortable temperatures spread throughout the residence.
  • Product Longevity – instead of installing cheap ductwork designed to last for a short period of time, it’s best to install a product known for its longevity. This will save the homeowners more money over the long run by preventing the need to replace their ductwork earlier than necessary.
  • Reliable HVAC Contractor – homeowners have nothing to worry about when they hire Townsend Energy because we have a tremendous reputation in Barrington, NH and the surrounding area. It’s important to choose trustworthy contractors known for their efficiency, timeliness, and expert services.
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Materials Used During HVAC Ductwork & Zone Installation

  • 1-zone first model MMP3 zone panel
  • 1-10 inch round 10” starting collar
  • 3-10” 90s
  • 4-10” 5’ lengths of duct
  • 1-10” cap
  • 4-6” saddleback starting collars.
  • 3-boxes R6 ex
  • 3-10x4x6 angle boots
  • 1-10x4x6 end boot
  • 4-10×4 821 supply registers
  • 1 digital thermostat
  • Misc. parts and fittings
  • 3 years parts and labor warranty


Why Call A Professional For Your Ductwork Installation In Barrington, NH?

There are many reasons to call a professional for your ductwork installation. Some homeowners try to tackle a project like this on their own and end up dealing with a costlier and more extensive problem. Therefore, when you want to add an HVAC zone in your home or replace any existing ductwork, always work with a professional. Some of the benefits that a licensed HVAC contractor can offer include:

  • Energy Efficiency
  • Quick and Reliable HVAC Service
  • Experience Dealing with Heating & Cooling Problems
  • Reduce Risk of Unnecessary Future Ductwork Repairs
  • Proper Safety Precautions
  • Save Time and Money

Townsend Energy is ready to help homeowners in need of new ductwork installation or expert assistance removing and replacing existing faulty ductwork. We work diligently to fully satisfy our customers every step of the way because complete and total satisfaction is our only goal.

Remember to contact Townsend Energy the next time ductwork is needed to be added or replaced in Barrington, NH or the surrounding area. We offer hassle-free, free consultations.

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