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rye nh fujitsu installationOur customer in Rye, NH needed to make some major changes to his home’s comfort levels. He had tried to cope with the hot and humid New Hampshire summers and he got to the point where the methods that he was using weren’t working. The summers have gotten increasingly hotter and stickier and so he wanted to know what his options were. He gave Townsend Energy a call.

His home was typical of the area. It was an old farmhouse that was built in the 1800s. Due to the age of his home, it did not have ductwork in place.

Adding ductwork is a major construction project that takes a long time. It requires rebuilding walls and ceilings. Also, his family would have to live in a construction zone for the duration of the project. Even worse, adding ductwork to a home is expensive. To preserve the beauty and value of his historic home, this didn’t seem like a practical solution. Using window air conditioners did not seem appealing due to the fact that they are noisy, expensive to run, and they do not provide sufficient relief from the heat.

After finding out our customer’s needs, we recommended that he opt for a Fujitsu ductless installation for his Rye, NH home.

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Problem: Our customer needed a way to cool his house down in the summer. His family felt hot and uncomfortable.

Solution: Townsend Energy installed three Fujitsu ductless indoor units in our customer’s home.

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Fujitsu Ductless Systems

Fujitsu air conditionerDuctless systems are quickly gaining popularity in homes throughout the United States. Of all the manufacturers of these energy efficient systems, Fujitsu stands out the most. They provide a high level of comfort for a fraction of the cost, especially when compared to other brands and conventional forced air systems. They also offer individual, room-by-room temperature control which is a great way to reduce home cooling costs that can quickly spiral out of control. Some of the benefits that our customer will receive with their new Fujitsu systems include:

  • High SEER ratings for low operational cost
  • Individualized zoned comfort
  • R410A refrigerant
  • Quiet operation
  • Reliable performance
  • Improved indoor air quality with Fujitsu’s advanced air filtration system

Overall, our customers have improved the comfort of their home and they have increased the value of their property. Since these systems are so energy efficient, they pay for themselves quickly. Our homeowners are happy that they chose Fujitsu ductless systems for their home.


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Advantages Of Ductless Cooling Solutions For Your Home

Ductless systems provide warm or cool air in indoor spaces. Those who have these units in their homes constantly boast about their units for a good reason. There are a lot of advantages associated with them such as improved comfort levels and reduced energy costs.

During those long and humid summers, comfort becomes especially important. It is necessary to find ideal methods to remain cool in your house during the summer. So, this is when a ductless system works miracles.

Having information about ductless cooling solutions will enable you to have a better understanding of just how beneficial they are to you. Plus, you will be able to determine whether or not the systems are suitable for you. One of the benefits is that they are energy efficient; which means you can minimize energy costs over and above the comfort levels they provide.

They are different from typical HVAC systems that need ductwork. That is why they are referred to as “ductless.” They are made up of an indoor, and outdoor unit joined by a couple of cables, including a refrigeration line. One outdoor ductless unit can support a total of eight indoor units. Below are some of the advantages of ductless cooling solutions.

Reduced Carbon Emissions

One benefit of ductless air conditioners is that they minimize total carbon emissions through their superior design. For instance, because they are small in size and due to their zoning capabilities, they are more energy efficient, unlike the traditional HVAC units. Also, these systems are above minimum standards, the ENERGY STAR guidelines for the United States federal government. They also make use of an ozone-friendly refrigerant referred to as R410a. This feature means that they cause less damage to the ozone layer as well as the environment in general.

Two-In-One System

Ductless heat pumps have two functions; they can be used as a heating unit during those cold months or as cooling units during summer. They are ideal systems because they can both heat and cool your home. In winter, the ductless heat pump works by reversing the flow of the refrigerant. The heat is transferred from outside into your house.

Remodel Ready

fujitsu hvac logoFor those who build additions in their homes, a typical ducted air conditioner has some disadvantages. The size of the unit and ductwork might not suit your new heating or cooling needs.

You will have to invest a substantial amount of money to extend the traditional cooling system into your new house extension. Also, the air conditioner will have to be replaced with a bigger one. That is the only way all your cooling needs will be met. However, with a ductless AC system, you will not face such challenges; a benefit to take into account when choosing an AC unit.

In comparison to traditional units, ductless cooling systems are simple to install and upgrade. Installing them does not involve expensive or invasive construction; the refrigerant and cables that join the indoor unit to the outdoor system run through existing walls. Also, ductless units are less costly to operate when compared to traditional units. ENERGY STAR states that ductless units can reduce cooling and heating costs by up to 30%. That is quite significant, especially taking into account the fact that heating and cooling usually account for 50% of energy costs.

Cost Savings

With utility costs on the rise, ductless heating systems can help you to maintain low heating and cooling costs. The reason for this is that the units use of less power as opposed to ducted HVAC units. They are more efficient than traditional systems, and they enable zone-based cooling and heating. Also, tax credits and rebates for ductless units are available at federal and state levels.

Zone-Based Heating And Cooling

One exterior unit of a split-ductless system can support a total of eight individual indoor units. As such, there is no need to heat or cool those rooms that are not occupied in your house. This aspect means reduced heating and cooling costs.



The advantages of ductless heating systems include:

  • zone-based heating and cooling
  • incredible savings
  • applicable for homes without ductwork, remodels, or problematic rooms
  • reduced carbon footprint
  • simple to install and upgrade

Maybe you have been considering switching to ductless air conditioning units, or you want to install a new system. If that is the case, it is essential to take your time and find out more about the benefits of these heating and cooling systems. Everyone likes the idea of remaining cool and at the same time paying less in those hot summer months. But, these units cannot be installed by just anyone.

Installation of a ductless mini-split is the type of job that requires expertise and experience. Make sure that you call Townsend Energy today to talk about your cooling requirements. If you live in areas where it’s very hot and humid in the summer or if you are a homeowner who requires an efficient air conditioning system, we provide the right solutions. We have technicians who have a lot of experience and are NATE certified. Call us today to schedule a free, in-home consultation.

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