Fujitsu Mini-Split Ductless Installation in Hooksett, NH

fujitsu ductless installation hooksett nh

After speaking with the Allen family, Townsend Energy discovered that they were tired of spending a small fortune every month to pay for baseboard electric heating. In an effort to alleviate their financial burden, and make heating their home more affordable, they decided to upgrade to a Fujitsu mini-split system.

On a side note, this ductless cooling system will also keep their home comfortable during the warm summer days and nights. Now, the Allen’s keep cool in the summer and stay warm in the winter in a much more economical fashion.

Problem: The Allen family had electric baseboard heat in their home, which costs a pretty penny money every month, so they were forced to keep the heat at a low temperature.

Solution: Townsend Energy provided a more economical result by installing an energy-efficient mini-split system.

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Fujitsu Hybrid Flex Inverter

Fujitsu Mini-Split Heating Upgrade in Hooksett, NH

By reaching out to Townsend Energy, the Allen family put themselves on track to solve their expensive heating costs once and for all. Our expert Brad Stuart visited their residence to look at the current heating system, make recommendations, and discuss their options.

Unlike most people, the Allen’s didn’t procrastinate when it comes to meeting their heating needs. In fact, they were proactively ready to eliminate a huge portion of their electrical expenses by upgrading to a more energy-efficient heating and cooling system like the one that we recommended from Fujitsu.

Upon inspecting the premises in Hooksett, NH, Brad recommended eliminating their very expensive electric baseboard heat entirely. He shared information about a much more economical Fujitsu mini-split system, which would help take care of their heating and air-conditioning needs.
For this project, Brad recommended and we installed the following items:

  • Fujitsu Model # AOU36RLXFZH Heat Pump & Air Conditioning
  • Fujitsu Model # ASU9RLF1 Wall Mounted Evaporator for the kid’s room
  • Fujitsu Model # ASU12RLF1 Wall Mounted Evaporator for the Master Bedroom
  • Fujitsu Model # ASU15RLF1 Wall Mounted Evaporator for the downstairs
  • Insulated Line Sets with Line Set Cover
  • Condenser Pad and Stand
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Fujitsu Heating & Air Conditioning System Installation In Hooksett, NH

You may not know this, but the name Fujitsu is synonymous with high-end air-conditioning and heating products. This brand is well respected and for the purposes of the Allen family, they create energy-efficient products, which means they cost less to run during the cold winter months and the intense summer heat. The Allen family should save a great deal of money on their energy expenses from here on out.

Townsend Energy focuses on delivering an amazing customer experience every step of the way. We work hard to make sure our clients are always happy and overly satisfied with our product recommendations, installation services, maintenance, and much more. And we always focus on using the most technologically advanced equipment to provide maximum comfort.

Many other HVAC companies follow our lead and recommend energy-saving and environmentally friendly products like the ones from Fujitsu. We always want the best for our customers, which is why we maintain such an excellent reputation in this industry.

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Common Issues With Electric Baseboard Heating In Hooksett NH

Although electric baseboard heating is less expensive to install than other types of heating systems, the cost over the long term is much higher. The electric baseboard placement often results in heated air leaving the home. Therefore, when it comes to cost, electric baseboard heating is actually far more expensive than other heating options.

This was a big issue for our client as they were paying astronomical energy costs to run their electric baseboard heating system. Furthermore, they did not feel as comfortable as they would like to, considering the Hooksett winters are long and harsh and require a reliable heating system. Some of the cons of electric baseboard heating are outlined below:

Electric Baseboard Heating Is Expensive To Operate

As mentioned above, electric baseboard heating is very expensive to run. If reduced energy costs is a primary objective for a homeowner, then baseboard heating is not the right option to meet their heating needs.

Electric baseboard heaters either turn off or on, making the room feel either too hot or cold. Also, powering off or on consumes more energy than variable-speed systems that use inverter technology like Fujitsu ductless mini-splits do.

In addition, ductless systems have some of the highest efficiency ratings. Fujitsu systems are ENERGY STAR® Qualified, meaning that they meet the strict energy efficiency requirements set forth by the EPA and the U.S. Department of Energy.

Electric Baseboard Heating Is Inconsistent

Front view portrait of an angry homeowner with damaged ductless mini-split at home

Unfortunately, as our Hooksett homeowners experienced, electric baseboard heating provides inconsistent heating. This type of system will sense the temperature in the environment where it is located, along the floor. However, this also implies that where you are standing may feel cooler than what the system senses. Many of those who use electric baseboard heating set the thermostat a few degrees higher than they would normally like to due to the rise of hot air.

Another aspect that is very appealing to our clients is the fact that ductless HVAC systems have smart temperature sensing. Electric baseboard heating can be very primitive where it concerns temperature control. Some thermostats may only have temperature settings that offer a low, medium, or high option. Should your comfort level fall in between, you may be reaching for additional layers to feel the comfort you require.

Ductless HVAC systems, on the other hand, have an automatic airflow adjustment, meaning that the micro-computer will automatically adjust the flow of air according to the temperature fluctuations of the room. The compressors only run as fast or as slow as needed to handle the heating or cooling requirements for that zone. These features provide consistent temperatures and ensure a high level of comfort that our clients desire.

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Indoor Air Quality

Electric baseboard heating produces a dry heat. This air quality issue can lead to the irritation of the skin, nose, eyes, and throat. Some homeowners counteract the dry air issue with the use of a humidifier. However, this only adds to increased energy expenses.

Ductless systems use an ion deodorizing filter. This filtration system will deodorize the room by composting any absorbed odors. All homeowners need to do is wash the filter when necessary. The apple catechin filter uses static electricity to absorb mold, dust, and other indoor air particulates. This significantly improves the indoor air quality of the zone that the indoor air handler is installed in. Between these two features, our client’s indoor air will be greatly improved.


Additional Reasons Why Ductless Mini-Split Systems Are A Better Alternative To Electric Baseboard Heating

Ductless heat pumps are considered one of the best alternatives for homes that use electric baseboard heating. Ductless offers the energy efficiency of using electric heat but eliminates all of the problems that are listed above. The home will maintain the benefits that come with zoned climate control. Additionally, the homeowners don’t have to go through the expense of installing HVAC ductwork to achieve a high level of efficiency and comfort. Some of the benefits of ductless heat pumps compared to electric baseboard heating are outlined below:

  • Baseboard heating systems need to be placed near a window to work correctly. On the other hand, ductless HVAC units can be placed anywhere on the wall, away from furniture or other household objects. This means that it doesn’t affect the decor of the room.
  • As mentioned above, ductless mini-split systems are much more efficient than baseboard heating systems. In fact, most HVAC experts will agree that ductless mini-splits are one of the most efficient systems that are available on the market today.
  • Ductless heat pumps can be controlled remotely and can be set up in different rooms. Each indoor air handler can be controlled individually to meet the heating or cooling needs of the individual occupying that room. In addition, they also offer far more precise temperature control – something that baseboard heating lacks.
  • Since our homeowners installed ductless heat pumps, they will be able to use their units to cool their home in the summer season. Essentially, ductless heat pumps offer year-round comfort whereas baseboard heating systems only offer a mediocre level of comfort during the winter.
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Critical Considerations When Upgrading Your Hooksett Heating & Cooling System

fujitsu ceiling suspended ductless system

You might be on the verge of upgrading your heating and cooling system, but need additional help when choosing the best mini-split unit to meet your needs. Some important areas to consider include:

  • Product Warranty – does the product come with a warranty? How many years will it last? Do they offer an extended warranty for an additional fee? Things break from time to time and having a solid warranty in place is definitely a good idea.
  • Safety – purchasing products with an impeccable safety rating is definitely the smart choice. The last thing you need is a ductless system known for being unsafe. You’ll feel better knowing that the company you purchase from has an excellent safety rating.
  • Overall Lifespan – next, knowing an expensive product is going to last a long time makes it easier to pay for a costly upgrade. But you’ll feel much better knowing that your ductless mini system is built to last for another 20 years, which means you won’t have to replace it again for a long time.
  • Energy Efficiency – our world is rightfully focused on switching to energy-efficient products. Eventually, we will run out of fossil fuels. Plus, they are taxing the environment. Choose an energy-efficient model that will lower your expenses and help preserve and protect the earth at the same time.
  • HVAC Contractor – in this case, you’ve chosen to do business with Townsend Energy, and I can comfortably say that you made the right choice. Our reputation precedes us and we’re known as the company that truly cares for its customers. We provide top-notch service at affordable prices.
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Fujitsu Heat Pump & Air Conditioning Specifications

  • Multi-zone heating and air-conditioning
  • Comfortable and stable design
  • Built-in drain tubing for efficient condensate removal
  • Durable connecting cables power indoor and outdoor units
  • Designed with double insulated tubing for efficient refrigerant transfer
  • Fujitsu Wall Mounted Evaporator Specifications
  • Built-in restart/reset happens automatically
  • Equipped with a 24-hour timer
  • Different modes include: auto, dry, minimum heat, and sleep timer
  • Wireless remote control
  • Multi-zone capabilities
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