Fujitsu Ductless Installation in Dover, NH

fujitsu ductless installation dover nh

The Shubov family of Dover, NH ran into a blistering problem in the middle of the summer that most people would rather not face. They realized that their Fujitsu mini-split system wasn’t operating at full capacity any longer. Instead of suffering in the sweltering heat, they were proactive and called Townsend Energy right away.

Our HVAC technician, Mike Mondalto, immediately visited the Shubov’s home in Dover, NH, and quickly diagnosed the problem. Upon inspection, he determined that their compressor had burned out. Mike recommended replacing the worn-out unit with a new Fujitsu Model #AOU24RLXFZ condenser. The situation warranted the necessary repair and the Shubov family agreed to move forward with Mike’s recommendation.

Problem: The Shubov’s learned that the compressor in their Fujitsu mini-split system was completely fried and they were feeling summer’s sweltering heat to an uncomfortable degree.

Solution: Townsend Energy took swift action and removed their old compressor and replaced it with a brand Fujitsu Model # AOU24RLXFZ condenser.

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Fujitsu Ductless Installation in Dover, NH

By choosing to install a new condenser, the Shubov family was ready to experience a much better level of comfort in their home. Instead of ignoring the problem and feeling the heat, they called Townsend Energy to diagnose the problem and replace their old condenser unit.

Not only did this lead to additional comfort, but it also led to adding more value to their home.

During the project, Mike Mondalto realized the Dover, NH family would benefit the most from a Fujitsu AOU24RLXFZ condenser. Besides installing the new unit, he also installed miscellaneous parts and fittings, reconnected the electrical circuit, charged the refrigerant lines, performed a proper evacuation and nitrogen test, and made sure all of his work exceeded local and state codes.

This ductless condenser installation was performed quickly and with little downtime. The Shubov family was happy with the installation and the services that Townsend Energy performed.

Fujitsu AOU24RLXFZ Condenser Replacement in Dover, NH

image of a ductless air conditioner installation in dover new hampshire

The name Fujitsu immediately brings cool comfort to mind for millions of people in possession of their top-quality, energy-efficient ductless mini-split systems. Their general ductless mini-split systems quietly create an energy-efficient comfortable home. And without the need for ductwork, their sleek units are flexible and make it so easy to control room-to-room temperature.

We specialize in home comfort, which is why Townsend Energy only recommends the highest quality products and the latest technology. As far as condenser units are concerned, we feel confident and proud to recommend the Fujitsu AOU24RLXFZ condenser.

As a matter of fact, we aren’t alone with our recommendation. Many of the top HVAC companies are willing to do the same. The name Fujitsu is synonymous with high-quality products and their condenser units have withstood the test of time. Their customers routinely praise their ability to completely cool down their homes even during the most excruciating heat waves.

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Fujitsu AOU24RLXFZ Lifespan Expectations & Replacement Warning Signs

fujitsu hvac logoTypically, a ductless mini-split will last anywhere from 10-30 years. But the average lifespan is usually somewhere in the middle around the 20-year range. But the more you use it, the quicker it’s going to burn out.

The average homeowner in Dover, NH is only using their mini split air conditioners roughly 2 months out of the year. So, the odds are in your favor that your system will last the full 30 years since it doesn’t get used as much, and it’s mainly just used for air-conditioning purposes.

As far as replacement warning signs are concerned, here are some important factors to consider:

Ductless Unit Makes Loud and Abnormal Noises

First and foremost, the expert technicians at Townsend Energy always pay attention to the sounds of a condenser unit while inspecting it. As a homeowner, it’s your job to also keep an ear open for abnormally loud and obnoxious noises. This could be a serious sign that your condenser unit is in big trouble.

If the condenser unit is making uncharacteristically loud noises, please call Townsend Energy right away and let us know about the problem. Repairing an AC compressor isn’t always possible, so ignoring unhealthy loud sounds could lead to a complete condenser replacement as opposed to a potential repair.

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Unit Only Vents Lukewarm Air

image of a couple in dover nh suffering from heat due to ductless condenser failure

When a condenser begins to fail, one of the first things you’ll notice is lukewarm air venting into your home or apartment. Typically, you expect to feel cool air when you turn on your mini split air conditioner. But when you’re greeted with a lukewarm gust, it’s a sure sign that there’s a potentially serious problem.

Townsend Energy will swiftly send an expert technician to your home to determine the problem. Your condenser unit needs an inspection for defects or blockages that could potentially restrict your levels of airflow.

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Unit Leaks an Overabundance of Fluid

For the most part, an air conditioning condenser functions at its best when it is capable of maintaining the proper levels of refrigerant. A leak can prevent an AC unit from maintaining the necessary levels, because they remain low from leaking out. In some cases, if the leak is severe enough, the liquid refrigerant will leak out entirely.
In this instance, Townsend Energy will diagnose the leak and determine whether or not the unit can be repaired or if it needs to be replaced entirely.

Compressor Takes Excessively Long to Cool Down

image of a homeowner in dover nh checking ductless hvac air filter

If an air conditioning compressor takes too long to cool down, the first thing you should do is check the air filter. See if it’s dirty and replace it immediately if the old filter is clogged. This may help the problem.

If it doesn’t fix the excessively long cooling down period, contact Townsend Energy right away so we can figure out what’s going wrong. You may have a faulty AC compressor. No matter what, it needs to get checked out to determine if you’re dealing with an internal or external issue that needs to immediately get rectified. It could simply be a matter of needing to refill the coolant in your compressor.

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4 Factors That Could Potentially Create Ductless Heat Pump Problems

dirt on air conditioner coils

Now that you understand the 4 compressor replacement warning signs, it’s time to see how these negative issues could potentially damage the unit. The problems these issues theoretically lead to include:

  • Damaged or Dirty Coils – cleaning your AC compressor unit regularly is an absolute must. It’s also 100% necessary to replace or clean your coils. Debris and dirt buildup from the coil often leads to irreversible condenser damage.
  • Bad Relay Switch – Townsend Energy can easily fix a faulty relay switch. It’s simply a matter of removing the old relay switch and replacing it with a brand-new part.
  • Dirty Condenser – condenser units remain outside at all times. Because of the exposure to the elements, it needs to be cleaned on a fairly regular basis. If anything happens to block the unit, cleaning it will remove the offending substance.
  • Defective Motor – faulty motors lead to severe problems. This issue needs to get fixed or replaced right away. You could potentially cause even further damage to your mini split system if left in serious disrepair.
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What to Consider When Upgrading Your Fujitsu AC Compressor

When the time is right to upgrade your AC compressor, you should focus on specific key areas to ensure that you choose a reliable option.
Some important factors to consider include:

  • HVAC Warranty – how many years? Can you upgrade your warranty? How much does the upgrade cost?
  • Reliable Long Lifespan – how long is your Fujitsu compressor expected to last? Typically, the average lifespan is 10-30 years. The less you use it, the longer it will last.
  • Brand Reputation – does the brand producing the compressor have an excellent reputation? Fujitsu is considered one of the best in the business.
  • Energy Efficiency – is the AC compressor energy efficient? Does it have an Energy Star rating? Or is it going to use more electricity and raise your energy bills? Townsend Energy can help you choose an energy-efficient model.
  • Comfort – is the compressor powerful enough to provide the necessary cooling levels of comfort? You must choose the right size to meet your air-conditioning needs.
  • Safety – is this particular unit known for safety? Is the brand known as a safe brand? Inquire about these things when you next speak to a Townsend Energy expert specialist.
  • Contractor – are you satisfied with the contractor installing the unit? Townsend Energy has a flawless reputation. We are truly the best in the area!
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Fujitsu AOU24RLXFZ Product Specifications

Fujitsu AOU24RLXFZ condenser dover nh

  • Compressor warranty lasts 7 years
  • Parts warranty lasts five years
  • Energy Star rated unit
  • Built-in quiet mode
  • Low ambient design
  • Built-in sleep timer
  • Equipped with automated restart/reset feature
  • Uses preferred R410A refrigerant
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If you’re in need of an AC compressor upgrade, repair, replacement, or service in Dover, NH, you must contact Townsend Energy right away. We provide the fastest and most reliable service in the area and we work hard to live up to these claims.

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