York® Propane Furnace Installation in Milton, New Hampshire

York Propane Furnace Installation in Milton, New Hampshire

Townsend Energy is proud to be able to support local charities and organizations that give back to the community. The We Care Food Pantry in Milton, New Hampshire was experiencing temperature problems with their storage pantry. They contacted us for an opinion on how to handle their problem.

We sent one of our home comfort specialists to assess the problem and upon inspection, he identified that We Care Food Pantry needed to have a new heating system installed. As an organization, we decided to do this Milton NH furnace installation as a pro-bono job.

We donated a York propane-fired, forced hot air furnace and the labor required to install it. Four of our seasoned technicians, Dave Cronin, Dan Sweeney, Peter Winchell, and Tom Makarow, performed the installation for the We Care Food Pantry.

Problem: The We Care Food Pantry was experiencing a problem with maintaining the proper food storage temperatures in their storage area.

Solution: Townsend Energy donated and installed a York® Furnace, two propane tanks, and the necessary HVAC ductwork for this Milton, NH non-profit organization.

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York® Propane Furnace Installation In Milton, New Hampshire

Having a properly installed heating and cooling system is essential for any home or business in New England. In the case of the We Care Food Pantry, we had to install a York propane furnace and the necessary ductwork to create the proper environment for their food storage facility. This installation required propane tanks to be installed on-site as well.

Provided that the We Care Food Pantry is a nonprofit organization, Jim Townsend made an executive decision to perform this job at no charge. The materials that we donated were: York® propane forced warm air furnace with a propane conversion kit (model TG9S080B12MP11B), all necessary PVC venting from the furnace to outdoors, condensate drain to outside, all new ductwork along the interior wall, miscellaneous fittings, and gas piping from the exterior propane tanks to the new furnace.

We also provided all the necessary labor to install the equipment including the labor to set two 125-gallon propane tanks. The propane tanks were required for this job since this property did not have access to natural gas from a local utility company.

Features of a York® TG9S Propane Furnace:

  • 95.5% AFUE Efficiencies
  • 80,000 – 130,000 BTU
  • Dependable Air Circulation (PSC Fan Motor)
  • Built-In The USA
  • Compact Design
  • Easy Access To Controls
  • Lifetime Heat Exchanger Warranty
  • 10-Year Parts Warranty1-Year Labor Limited Warranty
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Propane Delivery in Milton NH

In addition to installing oil furnaces, Townsend Energy is a leader in the fuel delivery industry servicing Milton, New Hampshire. We deliver quality propane and heating oil to residential and commercial properties located in Milton, NH, and all surrounding towns.

Townsend Energy offers an innovative approach for all your propane needs, unmatched by any of our competitors. We assist in determining the best propane amenities for your home, easing the decision-making process. Because Townsend Energy owns a propane bulk storage facility, we are able to meet all of our delivery demands, no matter the time of the year.

When you sign up for automatic fuel delivery, we offer propane pricing programs such as our Fixed Price Program, Float Price Program, and our Pre-Buy Price Program. We also offer payment options such as our PurePay program and automatic payment options.

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High-Efficiency Furnaces in Milton

Milton, NH Duct work Installation

Each year home heating and air conditioning systems are getting more and more energy-efficient. The York® Latitude™ propane furnace is an extremely comfortable unit that operates quietly and efficiently. With a York furnace, you can have peace of mind knowing that it will deliver performance, energy efficiency and save you money day to day operations.

These furnaces have a 95.5% AFUE rating which means they are energy efficient. They are constructed with a dependable, single-stage design and a tubular aluminized steel heat exchanger. The York® Latitude™ propane furnace has exceptionally quiet sound levels.

The York® furnace bears the Good Housekeeping Seal and provides you the added assurance of product replacement or refund of the purchase price if the product proves to be defective within two years from the date sold.

Other achievements York® has garnered:

  • Energy Star® Certified Most Efficient 2018
  • Consumers Digest Best Buy Award
  • AHR Expo Innovation Award

Did you know that York® products have been installed in some of the world’s most famous buildings, including the U.S. Capitol, the entire U.S. Navy nuclear submarine fleet, as well as your local malls and bank? You can place your trust in the York® brand and Townsend Energy for your home cooling & heating needs.

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Milton Heating, Air Conditioning, and Ventilation Specialists

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No matter the type of system you have for heating or cooling in your home or business, Townsend Energy is here to help. We deliver exceptional knowledge and expertise to our Milton customers, with a skilled service unmatched by any competitor.

Townsend Energy delivers expert maintenance services for preventative measures and repair services for any unexpected heating or air conditioning breakdowns. We also offer installation, upgrades, and replacement services for all of your residential and commercial heating and cooling needs.

As an industry leader in the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning market, we work on all major brands of HVAC equipment, including, boilers, ductless systems, heat pumps, and furnaces.

The entire team at Townsend Energy is focused on a common goal, lowering your monthly energy costs and providing total home comfort. Rely on the expertise of our HVAC team at Townsend Energy to keep your family and home comfortable, no matter the season.

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