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Homeowners never know for certain when the worst-case scenario could inevitably strike. The Doig family realized they were sitting on a potential ticking time bomb and the winter was fast approaching. Their wall furnace was 15 years old, and on its last legs, when they decided to be proactive and do the right thing to protect their family from a cold and miserable winter.

Townsend Energy was ready to help the Doig family as soon as they called us and told us about their problem. They needed a new Rinnai wall heater to replace the old one and they wanted it quickly to avoid the potentially brutally cold weather that was on the horizon.

Do you know how frigid it gets in York ME during the coldest months of the year? The winters experience windy, freezing, and snowy weather. Winter temperatures in York, ME drop as low as 6°F, and on rare occasions, they drop even lower.

So, the Doig family called Townsend Energy to ask for our assistance. HVAC specialist Mike Mondalto visited their home, assessed the situation, and recommended replacing the old Rinnai wall furnace with a newer, energy-efficient model from the same company. Basically, they wanted a furnace replacement in their York ME home.

He put together a detailed proposal. The Doig family read it, agreed with his recommendation, and signed on the virtual dotted line in the middle of August. Even though it was still very hot outside at the time, the Doigs knew that the cold weather months would be here before they knew it and they didn’t want their existing wall furnace breaking down in the middle of the winter.

Problem: The Doig family in York ME needed to replace their existing wall furnace with a new one. Townsend Energy was contacted to solve the problem.

Solution: Townsend Energy’s expert technician Mike Mondalto recommended replacing their wall furnace with a newer, updated Rinnai model. They accepted his proposal and signed a contract a short while later.

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Rinnai Wall Heater Installation in York ME

It shouldn’t surprise anyone to learn that Maine winters get extremely cold. The Doig family is obviously well aware of it, because they knew it was time to replace their 15-year-old wall furnace for an upgraded model. Otherwise, their outdated heater may have broken down at an inopportune time. They needed to avoid going without heat during extreme frigid winter temperatures.

They made the right call by connecting with Townsend Energy. They let us know about their situation and initiated replacing their old and outdated wall heater with a much newer, energy-efficient, and more than an affordable model from Rinnai. Their current wall heater is from Rinnai, and it treated them well throughout the years, so they knew this was a brand they can trust.

Mike Mondalto, an HVAC specialist working for Townsend Energy, took the reins and became the point man on this project. He met with the Doig clan at their home, took a look at their existing wall heater, and agreed that it was old, it wasn’t working as well as it used to, and it needed to be replaced.

He created a detailed proposal stating that he would replace the wall furnace, remove the existing water heater and dispose of it, reconnect the gas supply, and make other necessary changes. The customer agreed with his recommended changes and upgrades and decided to move forward with the project within a couple of weeks.

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Wall Furnace Installation, Actions Taken, and Materials Used in York ME

  • Remove and dispose of the existing wall heater
  • Install Rinnai EX38CTP wall furnace
  • Add all necessary piping
  • Reconnect the gas supply
  • Connect the exhaust to outdoor
  • Miscellaneous fittings and parts
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York ME Wall Furnace Heating System Upgrade

This might not seem like a major eye-opening moment to some, but Mike Mondalto was right when he recommended sticking with the Rinnai brand of wall furnaces. Why? It’s a well-respected brand to begin with, but it’s also a company that the Doig family trusts because they’ve successfully heated their home for the last 15 years.

But this popular brand is also recommended by HVAC specialists and home heating experts far and wide from around the world. This company is known for its high-quality products, its affordable price point, and its reputation for delivering heating products that last for a very long time.

Townsend Energy focuses its efforts on recommending energy-efficient products made by the top brands in the industry. This ensures that our customers get the best possible products that deliver the greatest results.

Our overall goal is to ensure that our service is top-notch every time, and we offer service contracts, yearly maintenance, excellent recommendations, we only install the best parts that money can buy, and we perform upgrades, installations, and so much more.

We have a phenomenal reputation in York ME and throughout the rest of the industry. We work hard toward our main goal, which is to ensure customer satisfaction and happiness each and every time you do business with us. We have many years of experience in this industry and we do our best to satisfy our customers at each and every turn and intend to continue doing so for many years into the future.

Expectations of Rinnai Wall Furnace Upgrades in York ME

Rinnai EX38CTP Wall Furnace Install In York MaineMost HVAC experts agree that the average lifespan of a typical gas wall furnace lasts roughly 15 years. This is the exact lifespan that the Doig family experienced with their previous Rinnai wall heater. So, this expectation definitely falls in line with their real-world example.

It’s important to note that proper care and maintenance will help your wall furnace last longer for many years to come. Signing up for a yearly maintenance contract will definitely help preserve the furnace and keep it running smoothly until the end of its life. If you fail to perform proper maintenance, it’s possible that your heater will crap out in 8-12 years, which would be a serious travesty of justice in my opinion.

On the other side of the coin, regular yearly maintenance can help preserve the lifespan of your wall furnace and stretch it even further. Some furnaces can last for as long as 40 years, although it’s highly unlikely. But I wouldn’t be surprised to learn that with proper maintenance your wall heater lasts for 25 years, which is phenomenal!

Definitely follow the lead of the Doig family and upgrade your wall furnace right away if it’s old and nearing the end of its life. This will prevent unwanted problems from happening in the middle of a very cold and unforgivable York winter. And just like the Doigs, make sure you properly maintain your furnace with a yearly maintenance contract to keep it running smoothly and efficiently while avoiding breakdowns and other serious or severe problems.

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Rinnai EnergySaver® Direct Vent Wall Furnace Benefits

Are you thinking about installing a Rinnai Energy Saver Wall Furnace in your home? You may be wondering about the specific benefits. Keep reading to learn more about this excellent product from a well-respected brand.

Cold Spot Reduction and Consistent Warmth

It’s important to know that the wall furnace from Rinnai has an excellent reputation because it has the ability to eliminate cold spots and maintain consistent warmth within the home.

How so?

First off, it’s designed to maintain preset temperatures. This means that it will consistently keep the home warmed at a specific temperature of your choosing at all times. It will never deviate from this preset temperature at all throughout the day unless programmed to do so.
Next, they designed this wall furnace heating system to perfectly distribute heat evenly throughout the home. So, you’ll never have to worry about one part of your home being too cold and another area of your home being too hot. This wall furnace is capable of evenly distributing the heat all throughout your home, which is the best-guaranteed way to eliminate potential cold spots.

Energy-Efficient Solutions

energy efficient home heating system

This product contains modulating technology that has the intuitive ability to match the needed amount of heat in your home at any given time. This is a fantastic energy-saving property.
This new technology responds to small temperature changes, which makes it possible to adjust the temperature immediately and maintain excellent heat levels while using minimal energy all at the same time.

Even more important, this wall furnace does not utilize ductwork. As we all know, ductwork tends to leak heat, which in turn forces the furnace to use more and more energy to keep the home toasty and comfortable during the winter. This is an area that they fixed by creating a ductless system that is totally energy-efficient and doesn’t leak heat whatsoever.

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Customized Heating

Rinnai EX38CTP Wall Furnace Upgrade In York Maine

This wall furnace comes with a programmable thermostat, which makes adjusting the temperature in your home easier than ever. As an example, let’s say you intend to go on vacation for a week. Since no one is home, you decide to keep the heat at a minimum to cut down on costs. You can program the thermostat to keep the temperature at a specific setting for the entire time you’re away.

Will you walk into a freezing cold house or apartment when you come back from your tropical winter getaway? Absolutely not! You can program the thermostat to raise the heat to a certain degree at a certain time before you come home. Let’s say your flight is going to land at 12 PM in the afternoon on a Saturday. You can program the thermostat to turn up the heat at 8 AM on Saturday morning and have it reach a specific temperature – one that you would typically choose during the winter.

How awesome is that? This programmable thermostat is flexible, easy to use, and incredibly convenient for homeowners in many different situations.

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Wall Furnace Upgrade Considerations

  • Energy Efficient – In this day and age, it’s wise to choose energy-efficient products. Not only are they good for the environment, but they’re also good for your wallet and they will help save you money over the long run.
  • Respectable Brand – In this particular case Townsend Energy recommended sticking with Rinnai, a respectable brand that the Doig family already knew and trusted. We always recommend the best brands with great reputations in our proposals.
  • Long Life – When making a big investment such as this, you should consider the lifespan of your wall furnace. Choose a product designed to last for the maximum number of years, which in this case is 15-20 years or more if you keep up with regular yearly maintenance.
  • Contractor – You have nothing to worry about in this category because you already picked a well-respected contractor with a great reputation. Townsend energy goes above and beyond to help our customers in York ME and the surrounding areas. Our years of experience and longevity prove that we truly care about our customers.
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At Townsend Energy, we provide the best in class HVAC services with top-of-the-line products. You can rely on our experienced and certified technicians to treat every job as if they are working on their own home. Our energy experts can help you obtain better energy efficiency, lower heating and cooling costs, and a comfortable home for years to come. Be sure to give Townsend Energy a call. We offer free, in-home estimates and fast and affordable heating and cooling solutions.

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