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beverly thermopride furnace installation

Frederick Brennan and Priscilla Johnson knew their Lennox furnace was getting old and they realized it didn’t have too much time left. In fact, they were kind of surprised that it was still working after 25 years of great service. But one day not that long ago, a major problem suddenly occurred. And they couldn’t ignore their aging furnace any longer.

Smoke began billowing out of their furnace and it was suddenly presenting a serious hazard to their home and health. Brennan and Johnson knew that they had to do something right away and they couldn’t ignore this serious problem. They took matters into their own hands and immediately contacted Townsend Energy to help with the problem, which was the right move to make.

After calling the office and speaking to one of our representatives, Townsend Energy sent Brian Thayer to the residence in Beverly MA to take a look at their existing furnace and diagnose the problem. After thoroughly examining their furnace, and confirming that smoke is indeed leaking from the old unit, Brian decided to boldly recommend a furnace replacement in their Beverly MA home.

He then proceeded to put together a proposal for Brennan and Johnson to review. They chose the Thermo Pride furnace replacement and chose to disregard the recommendation to upgrade to an ECM blower for increased efficiency. The homeowner signed the proposal immediately so that Brian Thayer and other Townsend Energy specialists could immediately start working to replace the 25-year-old heating system that’s currently leaking smoke and poses a serious risk to their health and home.

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Problem: Priscilla Johnson and Frederick Brennan, homeowners in Beverly MA, discovered that their 25-year-old Lennox furnace was leaking billowing smoke. They realized that this faulty piece of equipment needed to be replaced immediately because it was threatening their personal health and the safety of their home. They called Townsend Energy to provide an immediate solution.

Solution: Townsend Energy HVAC specialist Brian Thayer visited the premises in Beverly MA. He discovered that the 25-year-old furnace was leaking smoke and needed to be replaced immediately. He proposed replacing it with a Thermo Pride Forced Warm Air Furnace. The owners agreed to the proposal and immediately signed it and we immediately began the process of replacing their furnace.

Thermo Pride Furnace Installation in Beverly MA

Everyone understands that they do not want to have an old and faulty furnace heating their home in the winter in Beverly MA. The weather gets blisteringly cold during the most frigid months of the year. Even worse, it’s always really snowy, windy, and freezing cold nearing the holidays and it doesn’t let up until the spring. More often than not, the temperature remains 20° on a good day and it can even drop into the teens quite often.

The owners recognized this fact and they knew they couldn’t wait to replace their furnace any longer even before smoke started billowing out of it. The 25-year-old Lennox furnace was already on its last legs, so they took proactive measures to make sure that their home was toasty and warm before the frigid winter weather kicked in.

Brian Thayer told the owners point-blank that it’s dangerous to continue to use a furnace that’s leaking smoke and the owners wholeheartedly agreed. He made an expert recommendation to install a Thermo Pride OH6FA072D48 Forced Warm Air Furnace in its place to keep their home warm and protected against the frigid temperature drops that are bound to happen in the near future.
He also proposed installing other related fittings and a flame retention oil burner among other things and the property owners agreed with the proposal.

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Oil-Fired Forced-Air Furnace Installation in Beverly MA: Actions Taken & Materials Used

  • Thermo Pride OH6FA072D48 Forced-Air Furnace
  • Beckett Flame Retention Oil Burner
  • All new Smoke Pipe to existing chimney
  • All new Duct Work or Transitions necessary to reconnect the supply and Return Plenums
  • Miscellaneous Fittings
  • Removal and disposal of existing furnace and Related Material
  • All work to meet or exceed State and Local Codes

Beverly MA Furnace Replacement & Heating System Upgrade

Thermo Pride OH6FA072D48 Forced Warm Air Furnace Beverly MA

It shouldn’t surprise anyone to learn that the homeowners agreed with our original assessment and knew that it was definitely time to replace their furnace. They could no longer wait because it was 25 years old, which is certainly past its prime, plus it was beginning to leak smoke which is certainly hazardous to their health. Old furnaces burn more fuel inefficiently, so it makes sense from a financial standpoint to put a new furnace in as well and Townsend Energy was happy to install a Thermo Pride furnace.

Thermo Pride is a well-known and highly respected company with many years of producing high-quality products in this industry. They were originally founded in 1946, and over the last 75 years they’ve developed product innovations, refinements, and developments that improve their handcrafted products at every stage. The company and their products are also synonymous with durability, reliability, comfort, high efficiency, and quiet operation.

Townsend Energy understands the value of only recommending the best products and delivering the highest quality service to all of our customers. Part of the reason why we are so successful is that we only recommend the best products that our customers want and need. In this case, the Thermo Pride furnace is definitely the right product to get the job done. It’s efficient, the heat exchanger is a manufacturer’s lifetime warranty, and the blower motor, fan, control, and burner all have a 10-year warranty.

Our reputation in Beverly MA precedes us because we focus on delivering the best customer service possible. It’s always our goal to ensure that our customers are satisfied each and every step of the way. Our years of experience in the HVAC industry combined with our expert service and high-quality recommendations is what continues to keep our customers satisfied with everything we do.

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Thermo Pride Forced Warm Air Furnace Expectations

It’s important to know that a furnace is only going to last a certain amount of time before it needs to be replaced. In this particular case, the furnace from Thermo Pride should last anywhere from 15-25 years and if it’s well taken care of, it can even last for 30 years.

The previous Lennox furnace in the Brennan and Johnson residence lasted for 25 years before they replaced it. They obviously took care of their furnace and provided regular maintenance before it finally went the way of the Dodo and became extinct. We suspect their diligence will mean the new Thermo Pride furnace that they installed will last for 25 years or more as well.

It’s always necessary to get regular maintenance and to perform upkeep on this important piece of equipment every year. Without it, the furnace could potentially burn out in 10-15 years if the homeowner isn’t careful. To achieve the optimal chance at having a new furnace last for 25 years or longer, regular yearly maintenance is an absolute must.


3 Tips to Properly Maintain A Forced-Air Furnace In Beverly

Furnace maintenance is an absolute must for homeowners who intend to get the most out of this critical heating device. What is the homeowner supposed to do? What important steps need to be taken to properly maintain a furnace? Learn three important furnace maintenance tips below. It is important to note that these maintenance tasks should be performed by a professional.

1. Check the Combustion Chamber of the Furnace for Cracks

Not only is this important for efficiency, it’s of deadly importance for health and safety as well. Cracks in a furnace’s combustion chamber could lead to a deadly situation. The burner is housed inside of the combustion chamber and it produces toxic gases.

If cracks begin to form inside this chamber, the toxic gases could begin leaking out of the cracks and into the home. This could lead to the home becoming overwhelmed with toxic gases, which could lead to illness, injury, and death.

2. Remove Corrosion, Soot, and Dirt from the Furnace

furnace tune-up

It’s necessary to thoroughly clean dirt, soot, and corrosion from a furnace at least once per year. This will help to maintain the highest level of efficiency, which means the homeowner will have the opportunity to save the most money when their system is properly maintained.

Besides efficiency, thoroughly cleaning out a furnace is also necessary to increase the longevity of the forced air system. As mentioned earlier, this is a big investment so homeowners need to take it seriously because the longer it lasts, the longer they’ll need before it’s time to replace their furnace once again many, many years in the future.

Plus, if homeowners failed to clean their furnaces, harmful debris and dust can get distributed throughout the house. This could potentially lead to health problems and he could spread germs and viruses that could make their loved ones sick.

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3. Ensure Connections Between the Air Ducts and Furnace Are Properly Sealed

Properly sealed connections are an absolute must. If the air ducts and furnace aren’t sealed together correctly, it could unintentionally cause heat to leak out of the system instead of heating the home. This can become a very expensive proposition for homeowners because the escaped heat is a wasted resource, to say the least.

Have all of the connections between the furnace and air duct checked regularly during yearly maintenance. This ensures that the heating system is working properly and the furnace isn’t accidentally leaking precious heat that could be used to warm up the home.


Things To Consider When Upgrading A Furnace

  • Energy Efficiency – it’s always wise to choose an energy-efficient furnace whenever possible. This will cut down on energy expenses and save money over the long run. Thermo Pride OH6 Premiere Series products are all Energy Star qualified.
  • Longevity – picking a furnace with a long lifespan is always a good idea, because longevity means spending less money on a replacement furnace over the long term. Choose a brand known for creating high-quality products that last a long time.
  • Brand Recognition – speaking of brands, it’s always a wise choice to purchase well-known products from highly respected brands. By choosing a trusted brand, homeowners can all but guarantee that they’re choosing an efficient product, and affordable product, and one designed to last for many years to come.
  • HVAC Contractor – picking the best contractor to get the job done correctly is also of the utmost importance for furnace installation. Townsend Energy is the ideal choice in Beverly MA because we have an excellent reputation and we work hard to get the job done right.
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Brian M.

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