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garage heater installation hampton falls new hampshire

The weather can get incredibly cold in Hampton Falls NH during the winter. Spending time in the garage isn’t something that many people do when it gets really brisk outside. More than likely, just like the MacLeod family, your garage isn’t heated in the least. But the MacLeods wanted and needed to use their garage during the winter, so they took steps to do something about it.

What did they do? They contacted Townsend Energy and told us that they wanted to add heat to their garage. They knew that they wanted a garage heater installation Hampton Falls NH ASAP, so they can continue using the space during the coldest months. It turns out that their garage has two floors, so we needed to create a solution to heat both of them.

Our highly respected technician Mike Mondalto met with the MacLeod family to go over their options. First, he assessed the situation and determined their specific wants and needs. He concluded that it would be best to install propane heaters in the garage to make both floors toasty warm even on the coldest days of the year.

Mike created a detailed proposal that he shared with the MacLeod family in the spring – they wanted to be prepared for next winter so they took care of this problem in June. After looking over his proposal and agreeing with Mike’s recommended equipment and installation requirements, the homeowner signed the contract so Townsend Energy could begin working right away.

Problem: The MacLeod family has a large garage that they wanted to use during the winter, but they didn’t have heat in this space because there weren’t any heaters in place. They called Townsend Energy and shared their problem with us.

Solution: Mike Mondalto visited the home on behalf of Townsend Energy. After viewing the multi-floor garage, he decided to install propane heaters and a Rinnai wall furnace to provide ample heat in this space. The MacLeods looked over the proposal and accepted it by signing the contract.

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Propane Garage Heater Installation in Hampton Falls NH

No one ever seems particularly shocked when they hear that it gets really cold in New Hampshire during the winter. The MacLeod family is obviously very aware of this fact, and decided to do something about it in their garage. They got sick and tired of feeling freezing cold whenever they stepped into their garage during the wintertime. They needed to avoid this ice-cold situation like the plague, so they stepped up and did something about it.

First of all, they did the right thing by contacting the good people at Townsend Energy. They told us about their winter difficulties and realized that they needed to install heaters in their garage as soon as possible. Even though they contacted us in June, they wanted to make sure the job was done before the winter rolled around later on in the year. They didn’t have heat in their garage at all, so we decided it was best to install propane heaters.

Our HVAC specialist Mike Mondalto was the man in charge on this project and he did a bang-up job putting together a foolproof plan to remove the cold temperatures from their garage with propane garage heating. The MacLeod family couldn’t agree more with the suggestions that he made.

Next, Mike put together a detailed proposal. Within this proposal, he let the MacLeod family know everything that he intended to do every step of the way. He planned to install a propane fired direct vent unit heater on the first floor of the garage and a Rinnai wall furnace on the second floor. The customer liked his plan and agreed with it and decided to pursue this project further by signing the contract a few weeks later.

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Propane Fired Direct Vent Garage Heater Install – Materials Used in Hampton Falls NH

  • Installed Hot Dawg propane heater on the first floor the garage
  • Installed Rinnai EX38CTP wall furnace on the second floor the garage
  • Installed fresh air intake and venting at the rear of the garage
  • Added direct venting to the rear of the garage
  • Project includes all gas piping, fittings, and valves for each unit
  • Added all required hanging materials for unit heater
  • Set (2) 125 propane tanks at the rear of the garage

Hampton Falls Garage Heating System Installation

Mike Mondalto knew what he was doing when he recommended installing a Hot Dawg propane heater on the first floor of their garage. And he was also right on the money when he recommended putting a Rinnai wall furnace on the second floor.

Why was this important? He recommended using highly trusted brands with excellent reputations, which is exactly what you get when doing business with Townsend Energy and our dedicated experts in the field.

We want each and every one of our customers to feel confident in our recommendations. That’s why we always choose the most popular brands with the greatest reputations. And that’s why many HVAC specialists and experts in home heating will continue to recommend these brands as well. They’re designed by companies that have excellent reputations and they’re known for creating top-notch products at affordable prices. And their reputation precedes them because these brands are known for creating high-quality products with the latest technology, which is why they’re some of the best in the industry.

Townsend Energy wants all of our customers to remain happy at all times, so we focus on recommending energy-efficient products when possible. By choosing energy-efficient products, our customers will achieve excellent results, for one, and they will cut down on energy costs too.

Our reputation in Hampton Falls NH is really strong because of our dedication and the way we care for our customers. Our main goal is to always work hard for you and we deliver happiness and satisfaction to each of our customers every day of the week. Our years of experience and industry knowledge make us the best choice for customers far and wide, and we’ll continue to deliver excellent results now and for many years to come.

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Hot Dawg Propane Heater Expectations in Hampton Falls New Hampshire

Hot Dawg model #HDS60A propane red direct vent unit heater hampton falls nhAccording to, the average life expectancy of a gas garage heater is anywhere from 15-20 years. But as you likely know already, there are always factors that come in to play that will preserve or destroy the life of a heater.

As an example, if you totally neglect your gas garage heater, you can expect it to eventually break down a lot sooner. In fact, you may be lucky to only get 5-10 years out of your heater if you regularly neglect it and avoid servicing the heater once a year.
And the same holds true for the opposite side of the equation. If you perform regular maintenance and make sure the humidity levels are just right, you’ll likely prolong the life of your gas garage heater.

How long will it last? No one actually knows for certain, but it’s possible that if you take care of it and keep it in the ideal level of humidity, your propane heater might last for 20-25 years or more if you’re lucky.

If your garage is really cold during the cold weather months, you should take a page out of the MacLeod’s book and upgrade by putting a gas heating system and wall furnace in your garage. This will make the space usable again during the freezing cold winter months in New Hampshire, and you’ll have a warm place to visit to fix things, work on cars, and so much more.

Remember to sign up for a yearly maintenance contract with Townsend Energy. We’ll keep your propane furnace perfectly serviced throughout the year, so it will last as long as humanly possible provided that you continue to take care of it.

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Gas Garage Heater FAQs

Are you thinking about installing a gas garage heater in the near future? You may have questions that need answering. Below, you will find the answers to a few of the most common questions.

Is It Important to Have Proper Ventilation When Heating Your Garage with a Propane Heater?

Whether or not you need proper ventilation comes down to the product that you’ve chosen. In certain cases, propane heaters do not require ventilation. In other instances, a propane heater might absolutely require ventilation.

How do you know if ventilation is needed or not? Check with the manufacturer. Read their use and installation instructions from cover to cover. If it says to install vents, then you’ll know right away when vents are 100% needed.

If you have any trouble determining which garage propane heater is best to meet your needs, please contact Townsend Energy right away. We’ll send over an expert specialist to help you determine the best course of action to heat your garage.

Is It Safe to Use a Gas Garage Heater?

family paper cutout depicting garage heating safety

Many people are worried and feel that it might be unsafe to use a gas heater in their garage. But this is certainly not the case as long as they’re willing to follow simple instructions set forth by the manufacturer.

You need to install a gas garage heater a certain way and you must follow the installation instructions perfectly, otherwise, you might install it wrong. Your best bet is to contact Townsend Energy to professionally install a propane garage heater to ensure the installation is done right.

Besides the installation, you also need to follow the manufacturer’s instructions while using the heater as well. You must have carbon monoxide detectors in place at all times and they must work properly as well. You also have to vent your unit whenever it’s required to make sure your garage doesn’t flood with carbon monoxide.

This might sound a lot more difficult than it really is. But it’s important to follow the instructions at all times to ensure your home and family remains safe after you’ve installed your gas garage heater.

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How Can I Determine the Right Size When Choosing a Gas Heater for My Garage?

There are two important things that you have to take into consideration when choosing a proper garage heater. First, you have to consider the overall climate that you live in.
Is it extremely cold during the winter? Or do you live in an area that has mild weather during the winter? If the winter weather is normally mild, you should choose 30 BTUs per square foot as your ideal choice.

On the other hand, if you live in a really cold climate, you need to double the BTUs to 60 BTUs per square foot to play it safe.  As an example, if you have a 500 square-foot garage and live in a mild climate, you only need a 15,000 BTU unit. If you live in a much colder climate, the same 500 square-foot garage requires a 30,000 BTU unit to make up for the difference in temperature.

Propane Garage Heater Installation Considerations

  • Brand Recognition – It is always best to find a dependable brand that customers already recognize. By sticking with a respectable brand, you know you’re dealing with a company that you can trust. Townsend Energy focuses on recommending respectable brands at all times.
  • Longevity – Choose a propane garage heater that has a long lifespan whenever possible. It’s a big investment, to say the least, so picking one that’s designed to last for 15 to 20 years is definitely a good thing as long as you maintain proper yearly maintenance.
  • Highly Efficient Unit – Whenever possible, you should choose the most efficient unit that you can afford. This will help cut down on your energy expenses over the long run and you’ll burn less fuel, which is a great way to preserve and protect the environment.
  • Contractor – You already have the contractor portion of the equation covered by sticking with Townsend Energy. We maintain an impeccable reputation in Hampton Falls NH because we always go above and beyond to deliver a satisfactory experience for every one of our customers.
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