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Prides Crossing Generac Generator Installation


Nothing is more aggravating than having your power go out in inclement weather when you need it most. It can often take hours or days for the power company to get power restored to the area. In the Northeastern U.S., many homeowners have come to expect inclement weather and some have installed back up power supplies.

The Coughlin family lives in an area of Massachusetts that experiences frequent power outages. Consequently, they decided to contact Townsend energy to have a standby, backup power generator installed.

Problem: The Coughlin Family of Prides Crossing, MA had been experiencing frequent power outages due to weather and storms. They were not prepared to go another night without power, so they called Townsend Energy to come and recommend a backup power system.

Solution: Brian Thayer, an experienced Townsend Energy technician, consulted with the family and recommended the installation of a Generac Standby Generator in Prides Crossing MA.

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New Generac Model 70391 20kw Standby Generator In Prides Crossing MA

generac standby generatorsThe home backup generator installation in Prides Crossing MA would provide the Coughlins with a number of benefits.

The new system features:

  • RhinoCoat powder-coated corrosion-resistant aluminum finish
  • 20ASE Transfer Switch
  • Wi-Fi compatibility
  • Mobile ink Remote Monitoring
  • 200 AMP NEMA 3R smart switch
  • True Power Technology provides less that 5% total harmonic distortion for clean, smooth operation.
  • Generac’s Evolution Controller features a multilingual LCD display
  • Generac’s G-Force engine is a pressure-lubricated engine resulting in power that’s more reliable and requires less routine maintenance.

Brian Thayer determined they would need to install the new Generator at the left side of the rear garage. Additionally, they would need to supply a 200 Amp transfer switch, a pad for the Generated to be mounted and set on, and a generator battery. They dug a trench to run a gas line that would be connected to three 120-gallon propane tanks, which would be supplied and maintained by Townsend Energy.

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How Do You Know If A Standby Generator Is Right For You In Prides Crossing MA?

power outageA standby generator is a whole house back up electrical power source. If a power blackout occurs, a standby generator automatically turns on power to your home’s electrical circuits. A standby generator can be a significant investment, so how do you know if you need a standby generator?

  • Do you live in an area where blackouts occur more than three times a year? A backup generator is a good investment for people who live in an area where weather conditions are a threat through at least half of the year.
  • When blackouts occur, do they last more than several hours? A storm can knock down transmission lines, causing utilities to be down form up to a week or more.
  • Does your city or town have a noise ordinance restricting the installation of generators? Many areas have building codes that may require that a generator be located at least 5 feet from the house.
  • Does your city or town have restrictions on fuel tanks? Some areas do not allow fuel tanks to be located near a school property or a public parking lot.
  • Will the size of your property accommodate a generator and a fuel tank? A backup generator is permanently installed on a concrete part of your yard or garage. A propane tank is also a permanent fixture. Both can require a significant amount of space.
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Call Townsend Energy For All Of Your Backup Generator Service Needs

te logoTownsend Energy provided all of the additional equipment that was needed for this standby generator installation in Prides Crossing, MA, which included a 200 Amp transfer switch, a pad for the Generated to be mounted and set on, a generator battery, a gas line, and three 120 gallon propane tanks which would be maintained by Townsend Energy.

By installing a new Generac 20kw Standby Generation, the Coughlin family will enjoy uninterrupted power even in the most inclement weather in Prides Crossing MA for many years. The family was pleased with their Generator installation in Prides Crossing, MA and the superior service provided by Townsend Energy.

Townsend Energy is New England’s leading provider of Generac backup power generator systems for residential property owners. Having a standby backup power generator installed in your home offers you and your family the peace of mind knowing that you will always have power and electricity. Contact us for a free estimate to see how affordable a new Generac standby generator can be for your home.

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