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The summers can get very hot in Ogunquit ME, so it’s important to regularly service your air conditioner once a year. Like many of us, the Lacedras lead busy lives and they kept putting off air conditioning maintenance, until before long it had been 12 years since their system was last serviced.

Instead of having us work on their old and outdated air conditioner, they contacted Townsend Energy with a much different thought in mind. They chose to install a brand-new air conditioning and heating unit after meeting with our expert technician Mike Mondalto.

After visiting their home and speaking with the Lacedra family, Mike Mondalto listened to their needs and provided a detailed proposal based on their conversation. In the proposal, Mike provided the family with three suitable options and gave them the choice to pick amongst his top 3 recommendations.

The Ogunquit residents ended up choosing Proposal #2, which they found more than suitable to meet their needs. This was the perfect solution to solve their problem. And before long, Mike and his team began taking the necessary steps to perform an HVAC installation in their Ogunquit, ME home.

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Problem: The Lacedra family allowed too much time to pass them by. They hadn’t serviced their air-conditioner since 2009. They realized it was time to upgrade their old and outdated system, so they contacted Townsend Energy to receive expert help with the matter.

Solution: Townsend Energy sent skilled technician Mike Mondalto to the Lacedra household to talk with them to learn more about their needs. After having a long conversation, he created a proposal with three options. They chose Proposal #2 because it was the best solution to meet their needs.

Thermo Pride Air-Conditioning and Heating System Installation in Ogunquit ME

It shouldn’t surprise anyone to learn that Ogunquit ME gets hot in the summertime. Instead of worrying about your old, obsolete, and unserviced air-conditioner breaking down, it might be better to replace it altogether before you end up with no AC in the sweltering heat.

Guess what? The Lacedras took this exact approach. They knew that they neglected their air-conditioner for far too long and they also knew that they’ve owned it for a long time and it was on its last legs. So, they called Townsend Energy and acted to fix this budding problem before it became a serious issue that needed immediate attention.

Matt Mondalto, a true professional regarding all things HVAC, talked to this family to learn more about their needs, wants, and desires. During their conversation, he discovered that the homeowners felt it would make more sense to replace the unit altogether instead of spending money to service an older model that was never going to work as well to begin with.

As he inspected their current air-conditioning system, and took a closer look at their home, he determined the correct course of action to take to get them a brand-new AC and heating system in the near future. Overall, he proposed that they install a Thermo Pride TC4B30225 14 SEER 2 Ton Condenser along with all accompanying parts and accessories.

Thermo Pride is a highly touted brand and considered one of the top air-conditioning system makers in the business. Their precision crafted products are created with care, patience, and they incorporate the most advanced heating and air-conditioning related components into all of their current units.

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AC System Installation Actions Taken and Materials Used in Ogunquit ME

  • Thermo Pride Model # TC4B3022S 14 SEER 2-ton condenser
  • Thermo Pride Model # HE3363UA170 AC coil mounted in furnace
  • Required refrigeration lines from condenser to coil
  • Proper evacuation, nitrogen test, and charging of system
  • All work to meet or exceed state and local codes
  • Proper disposal of old unit
  • This proposal includes all materials, labor, electrical and state taxes

Ogunquit ME Heating & Air-Conditioning Upgrade

This may or may not surprise you, but our expert technician Mike Mondalto recommended Thermo Pride for a very good reason. This company and brand creates expertly crafted products and they are one of the most well-respected organizations in the air conditioning and heating industry. Just like us, other HVAC companies feel confident recommending this brand and their products as well because they are well-made, affordable, and designed to last for many years to come.

Even more important, the condenser that we recommended is high efficiency, which ultimately means you’ll save lots of money on your energy expenses year after year. Our focus at Townsend Energy is to make sure our customers gain access to high-quality energy efficient products at all times. We also make it our mission to provide top level service, annual service contracts, great recommendations, regular maintenance, and top-of-the-line replacement parts and installations.

We continue to have a strong reputation in the industry because our goal is to make each and every one of our customers happy and satisfied with their experience. And only recommending top brands, the latest tech, and the most affordably priced options definitely helps keep our customers happy and satisfied.

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Expectations of Thermo Pride Air-Conditioning and Heating Systems

Typically speaking, a central air-conditioning and heating unit is specifically designed to last for around 15-20 years in total. But regularly scheduled maintenance and taking care of your HVAC system goes a long way in preserving the life and health of your air conditioner.

As an example, if you perform regular maintenance with yearly consistency, your air-conditioning system should have no trouble lasting for the duration of its life span. As a matter of fact, with regular proper maintenance it’s even possible for your condenser and air handler to last for 20-25 years before it needs to be replaced.

On the other hand, if you neglect your air conditioner and never perform regular maintenance annually, it’s likely that your heating and AC system is going to fail a lot quicker than the suggested 15-20 years. Believe it or not, it’s possible that if you neglect regular maintenance, your system might burn out within 8-10 years if you’re unlucky.

The Lacedra family knew what they were doing when they contacted Townsend Energy. They realized that they made a mistake by neglecting regular air conditioning maintenance and they were willing to rectify the situation.

They purchased a whole new unit and had us install it right away. And you can bet that we’ll make sure their system is properly cared for and maintained so they never have to experience the same problem again.

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Central A/C & Heating FAQ

Like many homeowners, you might have questions and concerns about central air-conditioning and heating systems. To help alleviate your troubles and concerns, we have a handy FAQ for you to peruse. The most poignant questions include:

What Is the Average Price to Replace a Central AC and Heating System?

The price of a new central air-conditioning system in Maine depends on the installation.
For example, in some instances, if you are having other changes made at the same time, it might cost more for each additional upgrade. The best way to determine an HVAC installation cost is to schedule a consultation.

How Can I Properly Determine the Correct Sized Air-Conditioning Unit for My Home?

Unless you’re an air-conditioning expert, you’re much better off leaving this job to the professionals. And in your case, you should contact Townsend Energy and ask them to provide expert assistance on your behalf.

After you call us, we’ll properly calculate several factors that come into play like the square footage of your house, the layout, typical climate, how many windows you have, your insulation, how many people live in your home, and more.

We’ll use all of this input and data to help you choose a unit that’s perfect to meet your needs. You do not want to choose one that is too big or too small, and you need the right sized unit to keep your cooling costs in check as well.
Contact Townsend Energy right away to receive expert help today.

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What Does SEER Mean?

If you were paying attention earlier, you noticed the Lacedra family purchased a Thermo Pride 14 SEER 2-Ton Condenser. And after you learned the name of their air-conditioner, you may have wondered what the acronym SEER stands for. Most people are curious when they first hear about it.
The acronym SEER stands for Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating. The higher the numbered rating – in this case 14 – the more efficiency you can expect from the unit. Air-conditioner industry minimums are 13 at the moment.

Top-of-the-line expert brands and equipment can get their SEER number quite high and reach as much as 21, which is amazing but it definitely costs more than a 14 SEER unit. Then again, with a better SEER, homeowners will save more money on their monthly energy costs over the entire lifespan of the system. So it’s a smart investment nonetheless.

Upgrade Considerations for Central AC and Heating Systems

  • High-Efficiency Units – homeowners are wise to focus on purchasing high-efficiency units because they cut down on energy expenses over the long run. Choosing a unit with a high SEER number is more expensive, but the overall savings is dramatic.
  • Brand Recognition – it’s always best to choose a central air conditioner developed and manufactured by a brand that you can trust. You’ll know that you’re choosing an expertly crafted unit from a manufacturer with a great reputation known for designing excellent products.
  • Lifespan – along with brand recognition, it makes sense to choose a model known for its long lifespan. Otherwise you might end up purchasing an air conditioner that burns out faster than you originally anticipated. Choose a model designed to last for 15-20 years or more.
  • Contractor – it makes the most sense to work with a contractor in Ogunquit ME that has an excellent reputation. Townsend Energy is definitely an HVAC company that you can trust because we are well known in the area, we do excellent work, and we truly care about our customers.
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