HVAC Replacement For An Ipswich MA Home

hvac installation ipswich massachusettsThe Stone family had an air conditioner that was approximately 23 years old. They could tell that the system was not working properly and was in need of an upgrade. In preparation for the upcoming summer season, they gave Townsend Energy a call to explore their cooling options.

In our assessment of their current cooling system, we confirmed that it had exceeded its lifespan. It was still using the outdated R-22 refrigerant and was not properly cooling their home. Additionally, their boiler was also outdated. It was not performing well and used an enormous amount of energy to keep the house warm.

Additionally, their oil tank was dated, needing replacement and they had some issues with some areas of their ductwork.

Our recommendation to update the Stone’s Ipswich MA home was to install a new boiler, central A/C system with updated ductwork, and a new oil tank.

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Problem: The Stones had a heating and cooling system that was old, inefficient, and not so comfortable. Also, their boiler and air conditioner consumed a lot of energy, making it costly to operate. In addition, their oil tank exhibited signs of corrosion.

Solution: Townsend Energy replaced their boiler with a Buderus oil boiler (model G115-4 Triple pass boiler with Riello burner). We also replaced their old Carrier AC (model FB4CNP042L00 R410 ) with a modern Carrier air conditioning system (model 24ABB342A0N3 R410). Their ductwork was updated and we installed a new heating oil tank.

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Buderus G115WS Oil Boiler

new boiler installation ipswich maWe installed a Buderus oil boiler into the Stone’s home. We highly recommend these systems due to their reliable performance. They provide an incredible level of home comfort while being highly energy efficient. Their design enables easy maintenance and servicing.

Some of the features of this Buderus oil boiler include:

  • Highly energy efficiency-87% AFUE rating
  • Cast iron-corrosion resistant
  • Burner door swings open for easy access
  • Thermostream design and three-pass boiler design
  • Chimney vent and direct vent
  • 3” of thermal insulation around the unit for low standby heat loss
  • No refractory parts to help reduce wear and tear
  • Functions at any return water temperature
  • Changes the temperature of its water to meet the conditions outdoors, increases its efficiency and lifespan.
  • Warranty: 5-year limited warranty on the heat exchanger and a 1-year limited warranty on electrical parts and combustion parts

By installing this oil boiler, they can count on it to provide reliable heat and hot water for their home for many years to come. This is a great improvement and they are happy with the installation. They will experience reduced energy costs and an improved level of comfort.


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Carrier® Comfort™ – 3.5 Ton 13 SEER Residential Air Conditioner Condensing Unit

Carrier® Comfort™ - 3.5 Ton 13 SEER Residential Air ConditionerAs mentioned earlier, the Stones had a Carrier air conditioner that was 23 years old. It used R-22 refrigerant. This refrigerant is going through a government mandated phaseout. It is no longer in production and so prices for R-22 refrigerant are astronomical. If an R-22 unit leaks, the cost to replace the refrigerant is quite costly. Furthermore, the Stone’s AC was in use far past its service life.

Most HVAC experts will agree that an AC unit, with maintenance, will last between 10-15 years. So, Carrier, once again, lived up to its name for providing reliable and long-lasting HVAC equipment. However, as an air conditioner ages, it becomes less efficient. It uses more energy to try to keep your home cool. Even so, it doesn’t do a great job at keeping your home at a comfortable temperature. The Stones had such a positive experience with their first Carrier air conditioning system, that they opted to invest in another one as their replacement unit. We also highly recommend Carrier systems because of their energy efficient and reliable performance. Some of the features of their new unit include:

  • WeatherArmor™ protection package
  • R-410 refrigerant-environmentally friendly and protect the earth’s ozone layer
  • Internal pressure relief valve
  • Sheet metal construction with powder paint to resist corrosion and ensure a long lifespan
  • Dense wire coil guard available
  • 13.0-13.2 SEER and is highly energy efficient
  • Filter drier-helps improve indoor air quality
  • Scroll compressor
  • Quiet operation indoor and outdoors

This unit will provide the comfort that the Stones need to get through the hot Ipswich MA summers. It is much more energy efficient and environmentally friendly than their old unit was. Homeowners who have an AC that uses R-22 refrigerant should consider an upgrade due to the high costs and eventual lack of availability of this refrigerant.

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Ductwork Adjustments And Heating Oil Tank Replacement

new ductworkOne of the essential components of a forced air system is the ductwork. It transfers the heated or cooled air throughout a home, ensuring that the entire house stays comfortable. Consequently, since it is responsible for moving this air, it needs to be in excellent shape for it to do its job correctly.

Maintaining your ductwork is vital to ensure it disperses clean and healthy air throughout your home. Ductwork can accumulate dirt, pollutants and other debris that you do not want in your home. Also, it is necessary to make that your ductwork is in excellent shape because leaky ducts can significantly lower your HVAC’s systems efficiency.

In the Stone home, we updated their ductwork. The existing duct system utilized a duct board instead of the standard sheet metal. We used duct board to make the proper transitions and repair the trunk.
The Stone home uses heating oil as their heating fuel. When we examined their fuel oil tank, we found that it was old and had been in use far past its service life. Like many aging tanks, it was corroding from the inside. Some tanks will have rust and corrosion on their interior and look completely normal on the outside. When your tank has gotten to this point, it is crucial to replace it. We removed their old tank and replaced with a new one. They can count on their new tank for many years, and they know that their home is free from the issues that come with fuel oil tank corrosion.

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Signs That You Are Due For An AC Replacement

One of the hardest decisions that homeowners ever have to make about their AC systems is whether or not to replace them. Even though new air conditioning systems are significant investments, you can wind up spending a lot of money on frequent AC repairs. It also costs a lot to continue operating a system that’s old and inefficient. So, how can you determine when it’s time for your home cooling system replacement? We’ve listed six, tell-tale signs to assist you in making this determination.

6 Signs That Your Air Conditioner Needs A Replacement

1. Your home has an air conditioner that’s ten years old or older.

old air conditionerYou can usually expect an AC system to last for approximately 15 years if it’s well-maintained throughout its lifetime. If your system needs extensive repairs, however, and if it’s already 10 years along in its lifespan, replacing it is going to make the most sense. This claim is even more valid when you think about the significant advancements that the HVAC industry has made in overall AC efficiency throughout the past decade.

2. Your home cooling system is inefficient.

If you have an air conditioner with a low SEER rating, operating it will probably cost a lot of money. At the present moment, all newly built AC systems have to have a minimum SEER rating of 13. If you own a home air conditioning system that has a SEER rating that’s less than 13, you can reduce both your energy use and your energy costs by merely having a more efficient system installed.

3. You have to pay for expensive AC repairs.

Anytime you have a costly repair issue on your hands, you’ll need to weigh the costs of fixing your system versus buying a new unit. If the costs of a repair are comparable to paying for a new AC, then a replacement makes the most financial sense.

4. Regular breakdowns.

Is your air conditioning system constantly breaking down? Are you having to call Townsend Energy once a month because a new problem is always rearing its head? The costs of these repairs will add up. It makes no sense to keep fixing an old unit. Spare yourself the unnecessary headaches and extra spending by merely paying for a brand new unit.

5. Your home air conditioner still uses the R-22 refrigerant.

R-22 refrigerantR-22 is a refrigerant that the government is currently phasing out in an effort to protect the natural environment. Due to this fact, R-22 is steadily increasing in cost. If you have a home AC system that still uses the R-22 coolant, you’ll need to replace this in order to get a system that uses R410A – which is the new refrigerant. If your air conditioner causes significant problems, such as requiring more R-22, you need to think about upgrading your unit.

6. Your home isn’t as comfortable as it used to be.

Are you having a hard time cooling your home? This might mean that your AC system is either aging or improperly sized. No matter what the cause may be, your home air conditioning system should definitely be able to do a good job. If it no longer has the ability to keep your living space comfortable and cool, then you need to replace it with a unit that can.

If you have more questions about when you need an air conditioner replacement, or if you want to have a cooling system installed or serviced, get in touch with Townsend Energy, the most trusted AC installation and repair service in all of Essex County, Massachusetts.

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Oil Boiler Troubleshooting

oil boiler troubleshootingOil boilers are currently one of the most efficient options for home heating. This type of boiler consists of a fuel tank and a burner. After the burner has reached the desired temperature, it will transfer heat to the boiler to warm up the water in this unit. This process, in turn, creates steam that the heating system disperses throughout the home via a complex network of vents, radiators, and pipes. Oil burners are known to be more reliable and efficient than gas ranges. It’s important to note, however, that even an oil-fueled boiler can develop issues now and then. Following is a simple guide to help you troubleshoot these problems as they arise.

Your Oil Boiler Isn’t Starting

The first step is to make sure that there’s plenty of oil in the fuel tank. You may have run low on fuel and didn’t realize that this was happening. If you need oil, contact Townsend Energy, your reliable, local fuel supplier to set up an oil delivery appointment.

There’s also the possibility that the circuit breaker has tripped. If this is the case, press the “RESET” button to start the boiler up once more. The reset button is often a red, square button whose position is on the burner’s side. It should start right up after several tries. If this fails, however, you should take the time to check the fuse. When the fuse seems like it’s blown, go ahead and replace it. If your boiler still refuses to start, take a look at the unit’s motor on the burner assembly to learn whether or not this has burned out. Make arrangements for a replacement is the burner assembly is burned out.

Your Boiler Starts Up But It Won’t Heat

oil boiler won't startNo heat may be the result of a burner nozzle that is clogged. There’s a very tiny opening on this nozzle that can get clogged with things like dirt and mineral deposits. You may need to change the nozzle to see whether your boiler will start heating. There’s also the possibility that your fuel has either water or dirt in it. When oil gets pumped into the tank, the furnace will need to be turned off for approximately one hour. This time will make it possible for any dirt to start settling at the tank bottom.

You should also make sure that the tank has been adequately topped off with quality fuel. Doing so keeps potentially harmful sediments at the tank bottom from being disturbed, which isn’t the case when fill-ups are infrequent.

Your Boiler Is Producing Soot And Smoke

If your boiler is producing soot and smoke, this could mean that the heat exchanger is cracked or that the flue pipe is clogged.

Not Enough Heat Coming From The Registers

The most likely problem in this instance is a dirty air filter. Find out if the air filter is dirty by tracing it. The accumulation of lint on the filter diminishes airflow. There’s also the likelihood that you have a broken fan belt. You will need to replace this with a new one. If the fan belt is still in good working order, it could be the air supply fan. This fan may need a replacement if it has burned out. If you have a clothes dryer installed right near your boiler, you should probably change the location of this appliance. Lots of airborne lint is produced by dryers, which will invariably contribute to an accumulation of flint in your boiler’s air filter.


Whenever you have an issue with your boiler, then give us a call. Townsend Energy specializes in all types of HVAC systems, including oil boilers. We can properly diagnose any issue that you are experiencing and find the best and most affordable solutions. Call us today to schedule a free estimate.

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