275 Gallon Oil Tank Installation Project In Manchester NH

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After having a long and important conversation with the Hamel family in their Manchester NH home, Townsend Energy learned that they were in desperate need of a new oil tank and other related parts.

Their current oil tank, unfortunately, is leaking oil. This is a problem that cannot be ignored. Not only is it dangerous for their home and environment, but it’s also incredibly costly to receive oil deliveries, and have a portion of the contents become useless because it leaks out of the tank.

Townsend Energy focuses on providing its customers with energy-efficient products every step of the way. The boilers, furnaces, heating oil tanks, and other parts are always made using the latest most advanced technology and they’re always energy-efficient. This will help the Hamel family live greener while saving them money over the long term.

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Problem: The Hamel family recently discovered that their oil tank was leaking, so they contacted us to learn more about a cost-effective and environmentally friendly replacement.

Solution: Townsend Energy sent skilled technician Jeff Headwell to the Hamel family home. He assessed the situation, recommended a 275-gallon 12 gauge steel residential oil tank, and provided expert installation.

275 Gallon 12 Gauge Steel Residential Oil Tank

The Hamel family made the right decision by reaching out to Townsend Energy. This made it possible for expert technician Jeff Headwell to solve their oil leak crisis quickly and efficiently. It also opened them up to saving money by putting the most technologically advanced and efficient parts within their home.

Since an oil leak is no laughing matter, the Hamels didn’t hesitate or procrastinate when it was time to get their oil tank replaced. In the long run, they’ll pay fewer expenses on their heating and oil bills because they proactively chose a top-of-the-line oil tank and allowed our expert team to install it.

After fully inspecting their heating system in Manchester NH, Jeff was able to recommend the best and most technologically advanced residential oil tank, and he recommended and installed other necessary parts for a professional oil tank installation.

All in all, Jeff recommended the following materials to complete the installation process:

  • 275 Gallon 12Gauge Steel Residential Oil Tank
  • Schedule 40 Black Iron Pipe and Fittings
  • Oil Line
  • Fill and Vent
  • Take Gauge
  • 3/8 “Flare Firomatic
  • Miscellaneous Fittings
  • Proper Removal and Disposal of Existing Oil Tank
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12 Gauge Steel 275 Gallon Oil Tank Installation In Manchester NH

image of an old and rusty heating oil tank

Nobody wants to spend the brutally cold New Hampshire winters worried about their residential oil tank. The Hamel family knew they were dealing with a serious leak, so they took the essential steps needed to correct the problem right away.

They chose to hire Townsend Energy because our company name is synonymous with energy efficiency, advanced technology, expert technicians, top-level services, and impeccable customer support. We use eco-friendly products and go above and beyond to ensure that our customers are 100% satisfied every step of the way.

By choosing Townsend Energy, the Hamel family will save money and lead more ecologically welcoming lives from this point forward.

At Townsend Energy, our main focus is satisfying our customers. We will do everything possible to make sure each one of our clients is always perfectly satisfied with every facet of our processes.
They must absolutely love our product recommendations, our timely installations, our regular maintenance checks, and other important aspects of the business. And because we care about our customers and the environment, we only recommend the latest environmentally friendly advanced equipment to deliver maximum comfort and a greener lifestyle.

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Steel Residential Oil Tank Expectations & Replacement Warning Signs

As far as expectations are concerned, the average residential steel oil tank should last between 15 to 20 years. Oddly enough, the average family tends to own a home for 13 years at the median, so you’ll likely only replace your oil tank once during the duration of owning your current home.

If for some reason you believe that your oil tank needs replacing, please contact Townsend Energy and let one of our expert technicians make this assessment for you.

As a homeowner, it’s necessary to look for certain signs that your steel residential oil tank needs to be replaced. Our friends the Hamels recognized one major sign and decided that it was time for a Manchester oil tank installation.

On the other hand, something like an oil leak might not be blatantly obvious. Customers must focus on other potential problem areas as well. We’ll now go over some of the most important signs to look for to determine if your oil tank needs service or a replacement:

Dents and Rust

image of a heating oil tank replacement manchester nh

Are you beginning to notice rust on your steel oil tank? Are dent marks suddenly beginning to spring up seemingly out of nowhere?

Unfortunately, this shouldn’t be happening. So, if you do notice unexpected rust or dents on your oil tank, this could be the beginning signs that there is a serious and severe problem. Your oil tank could be telling you that it’s about to break down or spring a leak.

Ultimately, visible corrosion and indentations mean that something is definitely wrong with your oil tank. These problems will eventually disrupt its operation, so a steel tank in this condition definitely needs replacing before a more severe problem occurs.

Unexpected Wet Spots

Everyone should know that unexpected wet spots aren’t a normal occurrence or an anticipated presence. In fact, if you notice the area beneath the oil tank beginning to develop wet marks, or if wet marks are forming on the surface of the tank, this is a sure sign that there is a serious problem developing.

It may not be a major problem now, but it’s a beginning sign that an issue is on the verge of occurring. In this case, you should contact an expert HVAC team like Townsend Energy to diagnose the problem and provide a valid and cost-effective solution.

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Clogged Vent Pipes

This warning sign is very serious and requires immediate attention. If you suddenly begin to develop clogged vent pipes, an expert technician should visit your home to thoroughly clean them on your behalf.

Why do vent pipes suddenly become clogged? It could be a number of different things, but the most common problems are wintry elements and infestations. This uncleanliness could lead to an inefficient oil tank system, which means potentially burning fuel inefficiently and spending a lot more money to heat your home during the cold wintry months in Manchester NH.


3 Common Problems with 12 Gauge Steel Residential Oil Tanks

  • Inefficient Oil Usage – unfortunately, most homeowners learn that they are inefficiently using their oil because they ultimately discover a leak. To prevent wasting precious heating oil and your hard-earned money, you should always have an expert technician check for leaks and other problems during their inspection. Townsend Energy is ready and willing to help at a moment’s notice.
  • Busted Fuel Gauge – having a broken fuel gauge is a serious problem for many homeowners. If your gauge is stuck or completely broken, you need an expert technician from Townsend Energy to replace it for you. Otherwise, you will not know when your oil tank is about to run dry, which could lead to unexpected cold nights in the middle of a frigid New Hampshire winter.
  • Unstable Legs – do the legs on your oil tank appear uneven? Does the oil tank appear wobbly, like it’s about to tip over? Uneven legs might not seem like a big deal, but believe it or not they actually prevent your tank from working at maximum efficiency. This instability is a real and serious problem, so have Townsend Energy inspect the issue right away and we’ll provide a professional recommendation to solve the problem.
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Things To Seriously Consider When Upgrading Your Steel Oil Tank IN Manchester NH

image of checklist depicting what to look for when buying a home heating oil tank

Are you in need of a new steel oil tank? Are you ready to upgrade to a newer make and model? You must consider the following important areas before making your final choice:

  • Oil Tank Warranty – does the oil tank you intend to purchase have a warranty? How many years are available on the warranty? Is it possible to get an extended warranty for even greater protection? Oil tanks typically last 15-20 years, but having a warranty will certainly help ease your mind in case something unexpected were to happen.
  • Product Lifespan – as I said, the typical oil tank will last for 15-20 years, but you may want to purchase a steel oil tank with an even longer lifespan. But at the same time, knowing the length of the lifespan will make it easier to make your overall choice.
  • Safety – is the product safe? Is the manufacturer known for creating safe and stable steel oil tanks? Nobody wants to wake up one morning to learn that their residential oil tank tipped over and crashed to the floor without warning one morning? Choose products that are known for their high-level safety ratings.
  • Product Orientation – how is the oil tank oriented? Is it a vertical or horizontal configuration? Ensure that the make and model of your choice is perfectly suited to meet your needs. It must have the correct orientation to fit perfectly within your home, otherwise, the tank isn’t any good.
  • Contractor – choosing the right contractor isn’t going to be an issue because you decided to trust Townsend Energy, the most well-respected HVAC company in Manchester NH. We have an impeccable reputation in this industry and go above and beyond to make sure our customers receive affordable top-notch services.
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Common Specifications for 275 Gallon Steel Residential Oil Tanks

  • Accessories including oil filters, gauges, legs, etc.
  • Must meet all UL/ULC specifications
  • Made of 12gauge steel
  • Custom carrying handles
  • Overlap weld
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Great service experience, scheduled promptly, crew arrived on time as scheduled, in and out in 3 hours, nice and clean, our cellar has low ceiling, but no issues in this install.

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Great Service!

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Called for a delivery and was delivered that morning

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Pleased with the work

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They replaced my old oil tank. The initial estimate and site meeting were easy and prompt. When the install crew came the next week, they decided they should use a horizontal instead of a vertical tank, necessitating a second visit. They came back the following week with a different tank and did the install. A mix up like which tank is best is something I can understand and they did resolve the issue well. Stuff like that will happen and how a company handles that sort of thing is important and they did a good job ultimately getting it done.

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Great service by Brad!!!

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Brad went above and beyond in installing new hot water heater and furnace repair leak. Friendly, knowledgeable, and all with a smile! Answered all my questions and provided me assurance that all was ok!! You are lucky to have him on your team! It is difficult to get good customer service these days. I was extremely pleased with his work! Thank you, thank you!!!!! Respectfully, Donna Lemire

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Great professional service

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Arrived at the promised time and completed oil tank replacement. Technicians were helpful and professional. Left my house just the way they found it with no mess left behind. Would recommend Townsend to anyone looking for a service company.

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Prompt Service, great products, great price, awesome staff

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I was lucky enough to have my oil furnace to break down in spring (as opposed deep winter), I called Townsend and someone came over same day to look at, they diagnosed the problem very quickly, received an estimate which was very reasonable as they told me options that fit my budget and needs of my home done same day

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Great Service

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Great Service! Jeff was amazing to work with and made it an enjoyable experience.

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Amazing service, professional installation!

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It’s always a great experience dealing with Townsend over the years. When our boiler started degrading rapidly, Townsend oil stepped up to find us the best, affordable solution to first, try to service our old boiler and second, work within our budget to have a new boiler professionally installed. The folks at Townsend were able to get professional installation technicians in within 24 hours to replace our heating system. They took care of the permits, disposal of our old clunker and left the work area cleaner than they found it. The installers were friendly and happy to explain the mechanics of the new system at the end of the install. They finished the work in one day (as promised) and were up and running by 5:00 pm! Never thought I’d be thrilled about something as mundane as a boiler but to not have to check on its condition daily is very comforting.

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Friendly and prompt

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Jeff was very kind, patient and knowledgeable throughout whole experience! Took care of everything right away and with a smile! Would definitely recommend!

Alicia M.

Alicia M.

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Michelle D.

It was a pleasure to speak with you today regarding your installation. We are very pleased that everything went well. In advance, I would like to thank you for leaving us a review. We look forward to continuing to service you for many years to come!

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Customer service, fuel delivery, equipment service

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