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Recently, the Izbicki family reached out to Townsend Energy because they suddenly discovered that they had a serious problem on their hands. They learned that their boiler suddenly was on the fritz and it was leaking. After inspecting the problem, we determined that their boiler needed to be replaced in its entirety.

After visiting their home, Townsend Energy provided a detailed proposal with 3 different solutions to meet their needs. The Izbicki clan chose Proposal #2, which consisted of installing a Weil McLain oil-fired boiler and other components that I’ll tell you about later on.

Living without a boiler is rough, as this family learned the hard way. Thankfully, they contacted us immediately and our resident expert Matt Comeau was able to quickly guide them and provide a detailed and effective solution.

Townsend Energy and Matt Comeau delivered a fair and welcome proposal. They recommended an oil boiler installation for their Bedford NH home, which turned out to be the right solution to solve their pressing problem. They let us begin to work on solving this issue for them right away.

Problem: The Izbicki residence was suddenly in need of a new oil-fired boiler after their current boiler suddenly started leaking one day. Other upgrades like an indirect water heater and an additional zone in the basement were also requested.

Solution: Matt Comeau, a Townsend Energy expert technician, delivered a three-part proposal highlighting the parts, labor, and expenses. After choosing Proposal #2, Mr. Comeau quickly got to work installing the new boiler, water heater, and he added a new zone in the basement as well.

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Weil McLain FHW Oil Fired Boiler Installation in Bedford NH

As you undoubtedly know, it gets incredibly cold in Bedford NH during the middle of the winter. While nobody wants their boiler to break down for any reason, it’s always best to have it happen before the cold weather kicks in.

That’s exactly what the Izbicki family experienced when their boiler suddenly started leaking. It’s great that this family decided to contact Townsend Energy immediately before the problem spiraled out of control.

The weather reaches freezing temperatures during the frigid winters in New Hampshire. Nobody wants to take an ice-cold shower, only to step out of the bathroom into a heatless freezing home. Not only is it incredibly uncomfortable, but spending time in frigid temperatures is downright dangerous and hazardous to your health.

Our expert tech Matt Comeau realized the danger that this family would eventually face if they waited too long to solve this problem. Freezing winter weather is right around the corner, so determining the exact problem and developing a plan to fix it dominated his mind when he initially visited their home.

After inspecting their boiler, Matt learned that it was leaking. Their old boiler unit was old enough that it wasn’t worth repairing, so he proposed to hook up a brand-new Weil McLain oil fired boiler in conjunction with other critically important parts and accessories.

He also noticed that it was time to replace their hot water heater as well. He recommended installing a 45-gallon indirect water heater made by HTP. These products are created by trustworthy brands with great reputations, so Matt had no problem recommending these top-of-the-line replacement parts.

In fact, Weil McLain is looked upon as one of the best companies currently making oil-fired boilers in the industry. They craft their products using precision, care, and total expertise. Not only is it technically sound, but many of their models are Energy Star rated as well.

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Materials Used & Accomplished Tasks While Installing the Oil-Fired Boiler in Bedford NH

  • Weil McLain WGO FHW Boiler (87% AFUE)
  • HTP SSU-45 Indirect Water Heater
  • Added New Thermostat and New Zone in Basement
  • New Boiler to Chimney Smoke Pipe
  • Air Separator
  • 5 Circulators with Internal Flow Checks
  • Water Feed/Backflow Preventer Combo
  • SR506 Zone Control and Wiring
  • Added Gas Line for Outdoor Range
  • Miscellaneous Parts and Fittings
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Bedford NH Oil Fired Boiler & Indirect 45 Gallon Water Heater Upgrade

This might come as a surprise to you, but we chose to install the oil-fired boiler from Weil McLain because it was manufactured by such a well-respected company. This brand is highly touted, well known, and considered top-class in their industry. Many other HVAC companies and industry insiders recommend this boiler because it’s such a great and affordable product.

Besides that, they also have an energy-efficient model that makes it possible to save money on energy bills throughout the years. We at Townsend Energy focus our efforts on providing customers with top-quality products, excellent service, and much, much more when they ask for our help. We confidently make top-shelf recommendations, provide scheduled maintenance, and install new or replacement parts when needed to give our customers the precise experience that they desire.

To keep our reputation strong in this business, we will always work hard to deliver impeccable service, the latest technology, top brands, and the most affordable options possible in every one of our proposals.

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Expectations of Weil McLain Oil Fired Boilers

weil mclain oil boiler upgrade On average, the typical homeowner can expect their oil-fired boiler from Weil McLain to last for many years to come. When they designed this product, they created it with longevity and efficiency as a top priority. With that said, you can expect this boiler to last for roughly 15-20 years and counting.

As a matter of fact, it’s quite possible for an oil furnace to last for as long as 25 years if you take good care of it and provide regular annual maintenance performed by an HVAC tech with certification. Townsend Energy is the exact company to call to sign up for maintenance services to preserve the overall lifespan of your oil-fired furnace.

The Izbicki household in Bedford NH was smart because they chose expert technicians to install a high-level boiler, hot water heater, and more. You can bet that they’ll never have to worry about losing hot water or heat in their home with us on the case. We’ll take care of their problems quickly and efficiently, all the while focusing on saving them money in the process.

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Oil Fired Boiler FAQ

Homeowners often have many questions about oil-fired boilers and oil furnaces in general. Some of the more common questions to think about include:

What Is the Average Cost to Replace an Oil-Fired Boiler?

All things considered, replacing an oil boiler with a new one can cost vary. Every house is different and every installation is different. The best way to determine what an oil boiler replacement will cost is by scheduling an in-person quote. Please contact Townsend Energy today.

How Efficient Is a 20-year-old Oil-Fired Boiler?

Many experts recommend choosing a boiler that burns at 80%+ efficiency to gain the most from your oil furnace. And this is true if you’re looking to get the most out of your home heating oil.
After 20 years, the experts at compareboilerquotes.co.uk claim that a boiler this old is only operating at 70% efficiency at this point. Although this certainly isn’t the worst level of efficiency in the world, it’s also less than ideal to get the most out of your heating fuel.

Are you ready to upgrade your oil-fired boiler? Contact Townsend Energy right away and we’ll help you choose the best, most energy-efficient model that fits within your budget.

Do I Need to Service My Oil Boiler Every Year?

Along with your boiler manufacturer, the experts also agree that it’s best to service your oil-fired boiler annually. Why? Annual service means your boiler will be cleaned, which means it will run at maximum efficiency and reduce fuel consumption. Cleaning your boiler regularly eliminates soot buildup that can diminish the efficiency of your boiler.

Call Townsend Energy today to set up an annual service contract right away.

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Oil Fired Boiler Upgrade Considerations

image of a couple feeling chilly at home due to a malfuntioning boiler

Are you ready to upgrade your boiler because your current model is old, leaking, or not as efficient? Consider the following before making your final choice:

  • Longevity – if you’re going to choose a new oil furnace for your home, you should definitely focus on finding a model with excellent longevity. Choose a trustworthy brand that’s known to last for 15-20 years if well cared for and expertly maintained.
  • Safety – it’s always best to pick a product known for its safety and efficiency. Choose a brand with an excellent reputation like Weil McLain. This company is known for creating safe and effective products, and they have an excellent track record over the years.
  • Energy Efficiency – choosing an energy-efficient boiler certainly will help cut down on energy costs over the years. Your energy expenses will diminish year after year, helping you and your family save money over the long term.
  • Contractor – finding the ideal contractor is also very important when upgrading your boiler and hot water heater to a newer and more efficient model. Townsend Energy definitely has your back, so Bedford NH residents know that we’re ready and able to help them at a moment’s notice.
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I wouldn’t still be with Townsend if it wasn’t for Lena in the Manchester New Hampshire office ! I tried numerous times to discuss my issue with Jim Townsend for 2 weeks and he was always busy and said he would call me back in the middle of our conversation and after our latest conversation on Saturday 8th , He said “can I call you back on Monday “and it’s now Tuesday and I haven’t heard from him . I spoke with Lena today and in less than a minute she took care of the problem!

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Brilliant technician

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Came to our home to repair a leak in the furnace & found wiring problems from the installation many years ago. Now should run more efficient with less wear & tear & save energy, money. Bravo!

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Excellent service. He has repaired an external part on our heating system in the past. He goes above and beyond in troubleshooting where others have

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thorough, efficient, explains service well, left work area clean, very pleased!!

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Very confident in the service!!

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Great service

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I like to request Stephen when I have my furnace tune up every year. He is very professional and courteous.

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Perfect and professional service

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Perfect and professional service

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The first service person was unable to fix the problem - even though he spent hours working on the boiler and “ waiting “ for the water to get hot .

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It was a pleasure to speak with you today regarding your installation. Thank you for choosing Townsend Energy as your total energy provider and for leaving a review based on the work performed. Warm Regards, Townsend Energy

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Michelle D.

Michelle D.

It was a pleasure to speak with you the other day. We are very happy your installation went well. In advance thank you for leaving a review based on the work that was done at your home. Warm Regards, Townsend Energy

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Michelle D.

Good afternoon! It was a pleasure to speak with you today. We are pleased all went well with your installation. Please do not hesitate to give us a call with any questions you may have. In advance, thank you for leaving us a review. Warm Regards, Townsend Energy

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Michelle D.

It was a pleasure to speak with you today. We are happy your installation went well. I did reach out to Jeff regarding your thermostats so you should be hearing from him. In advance, thank you for leaving us a review and we look forward to continuing to be your total energy provider.

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Michelle D.

It was pleasure to speak with you today regarding your installation. We are pleased everything went well. In advance, thank you for leaving us a review. We look forward to continuing to service you for many years to come.

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