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Joseph Behl knew that his heating and hot water systems were on their way out. They were getting old and neither of them were working very efficiently any longer. It was only a matter of time before they died out completely. Instead of letting this problem get severely out of hand, Mr. Behl chose to take action instead and invested in a new heating and hot water system before it became an absolute necessity.

It wasn’t anything in particular that prompted his response to immediately invest in a new boiler. It was more like the equipment was getting really old, it wasn’t working as efficiently as it usually does, and who wants to pay top dollar for heating expenses when a brand-new system could lower their monthly costs. All of this combined to convince the Behl that upgrading their heating and hot water system was certainly a good idea. If they waited too long, they could’ve ended up with no heat or no hot water in the middle of a frigid Portsmouth NH winter. Nobody should ever have to experience freezing cold nights in New Hampshire without heat.

Mr. Behl contacted Townsend Energy and filled us in on the situation. Our expert technician Mike Mondalto visited the home and Portsmouth to take a look at the current setup and see exactly what was going on for himself. While he was there, he assessed the situation and came up with a few effective solutions for the Behl family, and provided these options in the form of 4 different written proposals.

Joseph Behl reviewed the proposals and decided that the best course of action would be to install a Buderus G115/4 Forced Hot Water Boiler and replace the existing indirect hot water maker with an HTP 40 Gallon Indirect unit. After signing the proposal, Mike Mondalto and his crew revisited the premises. They began removing the old units and performing an oil boiler installation Portsmouth NH on behalf of Townsend Energy.

Problem: The Behl family realized that their heating and hot water systems are getting old and needed to be replaced with new, upgraded units. They decided to replace the units now instead of waiting for bigger problems to happen later on.

Solution: Mike Mondalto, Townsend Energy’s expert specialist, visited their home in Portsmouth NH to better assess the situation. He put together 4 different proposals for Behl. The property owner decided to install a new Buderus boiler and an HTP 40-gallon indirect water heater. After accepting the proposal, Townsend Energy began installing the new systems.

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Buderus Boiler & HTP Water Heater Installation in Portsmouth NH

We all realize that owning an old heating and hot water system in Portsmouth NH doesn’t really go together very well. These respective systems could, unfortunately, go at any moment when they are old, outdated, and hanging on for dear life. The weather gets so cold during the winters in Portsmouth that it’s not worth taking a chance. It can get snowy, cold, windy, and the freezing weather can lead to dangerously low temperatures that homeowners wouldn’t want to live through without heat or hot water.

As mentioned, the Behl family knew that they had a potential problem on their hands that could have devastating consequences if left unchecked. They decided to be proactive and take matters into their own hands instead of waiting for the worst possible outcome to happen. They contacted Townsend Energy and immediately got the ball rolling to have a new heating system and hot water heater installed in their home before the really cold weather kicked in.

Mike Mondalto would never ignore a family in need, so he immediately went to their home to put together a detailed proposal with four different potential options. His expert recommendations were appreciated by the Behls and they gladly took him up on two of his offers. They accepted his first and fourth proposals and had a new Buderus G115/4 Forced Hot Water Boiler and an HTP 40-Gallon Indirect Water Heater installed recently before the really cold in blistering weather rears its ugly head in New Hampshire.

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Forced Hot Water Boiler & Indirect Water Heater Installation in Portsmouth NH: Actions Taken & Materials Used

buderus g115ws oil boiler replacement

  • Buderus G115/4 Forced Hot Water Boiler, 87% AFUE
  • Replace existing indirect hot water maker with an HTP 40-gallon indirect water heater
  • Connect to existing indirect hot water tank
  • Extrol Expansion
  • Flue Pipe from boiler to chimney
  • New supply and return headers, piped in black iron
  • Triple Pass boiler for best in efficiency and longevity
  • Riello Oil Burner
  • Two 007 circulators
  • Aqua smart control
  • All necessary copper piping, with pro-press fittings
  • Removal and disposal of existing boiler and related materials
  • Watts 1156 Water Feeder & Backflow Preventer
  • (4) Taco Sentry zone valves
  • Miscellaneous fittings
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Portsmouth NH Boiler Replacement and Hot Water Heater Upgrade

Townsend Energy agreed with the Behl family’s original assessment that they needed a new boiler and water heater and we were ready to help them solve their problem. Waiting much longer would have led to a bad and very cold situation, most likely in the middle of the winter. From a financial standpoint, replacing the old and outdated boiler with a new upgraded model made perfect sense as well. Our company was ready and willing to install the new Buderus boiler and the HTP indirect water heater as soon as they needed us.

Buderus is a well-respected company known for creating high-quality products. As a member of the Bosch group, their company history and tradition dates back more than 290 years. Companies do not survive this long unless they truly create first-rate products, innovative technological designs, and heating systems that were built to last. This business is synonymous with reliable products, energy-efficient models, and durable and long-lasting designs.

At Townsend Energy, we truly understand our customers’ needs each and every step of the way. This is the reason why we continuously recommend top-flight products that last for a long time and focus on high-quality and energy efficiency whenever possible. Our continued success is in large part because of the excellent and trustworthy products that we recommend to our customers. Buderus, in this case, was the best boiler to get the job done for our customer and it’s an efficient and affordable option. Even better, we provide a 3-year warranty on new systems and yearly tune-ups are included as part of the package.

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Buderus Forced Hot Water Boiler Expectations For Portsmouth Homeowners

The beautiful thing about the Buderus Forced Hot Water Boiler is it currently maintains an 87% AFUE rating. This means that very little fuel is escaping through the chimney or somewhere else. In fact, it boils down to 87% of the fuel that reaches the boiler is used to heat the home, which makes this an incredibly highly efficient boiler to say the least.

Besides the amazing fuel efficiency, this boiler is also designed to last for a long time. In truth, a typical boiler of this type will usually last for 15-25 years. But homeowners who diligently take care of their boilers and hot water heaters will get more years out of it than those who do not. If regular maintenance is adhered to each year along with regular tune-ups, this type of boiler can last as long as 30 years if all goes well.

How so? Regular maintenance is critical to extending the life cycle of your boiler. As a homeowner, it’s your job to take out a service contract with an HVAC company that you can trust. Townsend Energy is here to help and as you already know, our reputation precedes us in Portsmouth NH, and the surrounding area. We’re ready to help our customers every year by performing maintenance, yearly tune-ups, and other necessary tweaks needed to extend the life of your boiler for as long as humanly possible, so call us to set up a yearly maintenance contract right away.

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3 Reasons to Choose a Buderus G115 Forced Hot Water Boiler

Homeowners are asked to put a lot of faith in their HVAC service providers as far as product recommendations are concerned. They typically need to trust their service provider implicitly because the average homeowner doesn’t know the best products offhand so they have to ask for expert assistance and advice.

Townsend Energy is more than willing to recommend the Buderus G115 boiler because it’s such a highly efficient product. It has a number of powerful and effective features that we are happy to discuss in greater detail below.

1. Improved Efficiency To 87% AFUE

image of efficiency vs cost depicting boiler with increased efficiency

In the past, this model wasn’t as efficient as it currently is. But with trial and error and additional technological advances, Buderus was able to improve the annual fuel utilization efficiency (AFUE) by a wide margin until it became 87% efficient.

What does this mean? It means the Buderus hot water boiler is an effective appliance that fully utilizes 87% of the fuel fed into the system. This results in very little fuel loss, which leads to homeowners more efficiently utilizing their fuel budget to get the most out of their heating expenses as they possibly can.
Ultimately, the higher the AFUE rating, the better and more fuel-efficient a boiler will be. Please understand that an 87% AFUE rating means this appliance is incredibly efficient and it consumes the bulk of the fuel being delivered to run the boiler.

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2. Safe & Efficient Boiler Operation

This boiler uses a special compound that provides a gas-tight seal. This seal means that the total operation is always going to remain efficient as long as the seal is in place. It provides safety measures as well because nothing is going to leak out of the gas-tight seal, which protects the home and homeowner every step of the way.

3. Optimized Combustion

Another big benefit of the Buderus boiler is they optimize combustion by using positive pressure-fired boilers. They also added tailored chamber geometry to make the appliance even more effective and efficient than it already is.

Optimized combustion means improved efficiency, lower emissions, and better manipulating air control and fuel control settings via closed-loop biases. This makes it possible for the boiler to avoid high CO emissions, making it greener and even more environmentally friendly.

Things to Consider When Upgrading a Boiler

the word expectations and ruler depicting measuring expectations of a new oil boiler upgrade

  • Quality Heating System Brand – it’s always best to stick with a quality brand known for its affordable and highly efficient products. Buderus is a trustworthy brand from Bosch, who has 290 years of experience in the industry. It doesn’t get much better than that.
  • Boiler Lifespan – homeowners should choose a boiler with a long lifespan as often as possible. This is the smart way to go because replacing a boiler is expensive, so it’s best to choose one that will last for many years to come.
  • High AFUE Rating – to get the most out of your fuel and boiler, it’s important to choose one with a high AFUE rating. In this case, the higher the rating, the more fuel is burned efficiently without experiencing heat loss.
  • HVAC Contractor – choosing the best contractor is critical to successfully installing a highly efficient boiler from a trusted brand. Townsend Energy is the best choice in Portsmouth NH because our reputation is outstanding and we work diligently to provide the best service possible for our customers.
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