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Bianca Barcelos saw the writing on the wall and she knew that it was time to finally replace her old boiler with a new and upgraded model. As a matter of fact, the original boiler was installed 35 years ago and it was definitely on its last legs. It’s no surprise that Ms. Barcelos contacted Townsend Energy because of our impeccable reputation in Manchester NH.

After contacting our office, we sent expert HVAC technician Brad Stuart to the Barcelos home to get a better understanding of the situation. He positively confirmed that the homeowner was correct that her propane boiler was 35 years old and in definite need of replacement. This upgrade wasn’t something the homeowner could ignore any longer because the old boiler could possibly die out at any moment.

Plus, the homeowner was needlessly paying extra energy expenses to keep the inefficient, old, and outdated propane boiler operating well enough to keep the home heated during the winter. This is a recipe for financial inefficiency and the Barcelos family didn’t need to continue burning their hard-earned money on propane fuel that wasn’t even being used to heat their home due to leakage and an inefficient boiler.

Problem: The Barcelos household was desperately in need of a propane boiler upgrade. Their 35-year-old boiler was on its last legs and the homeowner was concerned that it would die out during the middle of the cold Manchester New Hampshire winter.

Solution: The homeowner contacted Townsend Energy to learn about her options for replacing her 35-year-old propane boiler with a newer upgraded model. Brad Stuart visited her home, looked at her heating system, and made expert recommendations to replace her existing boiler with a new PurePro highly efficient model.

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Brad Stuart put together a proposal for the homeowner and created a line-by-line synopsis of exactly what he and Townsend Energy would do to correct the problem. This proposal would call for upgrading the propane boiler to a new highly efficient PurePro boiler with an 85% AFUE.

Ms. Barcelos accepted the proposal and signed the contract the same day. She was ready to eliminate her costly energy expenses while guaranteeing her home remained heated, comfortable, and cozy during the frigid Manchester NH winter that’s quickly on the horizon.

The proposal also offered a complete 3-year warranty on the new system along with yearly cleaning and tune-ups. Plus, it also provides a 20-year manufacturer’s warranty on the heat exchanger/block. Our expert gas boiler installers were able to quickly remove and replace her heating system, ensuring her satisfaction.

PurePro Propane Gas Boiler Replacement in Manchester NH

A 35-year-old propane gas boiler that was finally on its last legs was the reason why the Barcelos contacted Townsend Energy to find out how they can help by replacing their old boiler with a new highly efficient one. It shouldn’t surprise anyone to learn that he gets extremely cold and the winters in Manchester NH.

The family didn’t want to take any chances by sticking with their 35-year-old boiler for another winter because they were afraid it would die out at the most inopportune time. No one should ever have to go without heat for any length of time during a frigid New Hampshire winter.

After contacting Townsend Energy, Brad Stuart visited the premises and took a thorough look at their heating system. He agreed that their old and outdated boiler needed to be replaced and he provided detailed proposals and high-quality product recommendations for the family to choose from.

After putting everything in writing, the Barcelos agreed to the proposal that allowed Townsend energy to install a PurePro AGDV-4 EP 80 1K BTU Forced Hot Water Propane Boiler after removing and disposing of the old outdated system. Now they can spend the winter comfortably knowing that their home will remain toasty warm no matter how cold it gets outside in the freezing Manchester NH winter months.

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Propane Gas Boiler Upgrade: Actions Taken & Materials Used in Manchester NH

  • PurePro AGDV-4 EP 81K BTU Forced Hot Water Propane Boiler, 85% AFUE New Circulator Pump
  • New Expansion tanks (boiler)
  • New Expansion tank (indirect HW tank)
  • Connect to existing indirect hot water tank and replace leaking valves
  • Connect to existing direct vent
  • All necessary copper piping, with pro-press fittings
  • Miscellaneous fittings
  • Removal and disposal of existing boiler and related materials
  • All work to meet or exceed state and local codes
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Manchester NH Propane Gas Boiler Upgrade

Townsend Energy knows how important it is to upgrade an old and outdated furnace. One thing to consider when choosing a new furnace is the AFUE rating. In this particular case, the PurePro Propane Gas Boiler recently installed in the Barcelos home has a respectable 85% AFUE rating. This means the boiler efficiently burns fuel and wastes very little propane gas, so the homeowner doesn’t have to watch their hard-earned money go up in smoke.

PurePro is a subsidiary of F. W. Webb, an organization with a rich and storied history. Originally founded in 1866, this family-owned business began providing a wide array of products and services to commercial and residential contractors from around the United States. This company has grown tremendously in the past 150+ years and it’s considered one of the most well-respected of its kind amongst industry professionals.

The Good People at Townsend Energy realize that properly serving their customers is their top priority. This is why they always provide their beloved clients with effective, safe, and affordable recommendations and solutions. They work hard to ensure customer satisfaction every day of the week.

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PurePro Propane Gas Boiler Expectations

First off, it’s important to touch upon the AFUE rating. This particular PurePro boiler has an 85% rating, which is absolutely phenomenal. This means it burns 85% of the propane gas fuel delivered to the system without losing very little heat due to leakage and other unwanted factors. Knowing this boiler has this rating is a wonderful thing for homeowners looking to improve their fuel efficiency with a highly efficient boiler.

Typically, propane boilers last anywhere from 15-20 years. In truth, if the boiler is properly maintained and cared for, and an annual maintenance contract is in place, it could very well last for 30 years or more. But this will only happen if the homeowner does a good job of taking care of their equipment.

Signing up for an annual maintenance contract with Townsend Energy is always a bright idea. We will perform regular maintenance tasks, tune up the system every year right before the weather kicks in, and fix any potential problems before they become big and expensive issues.

Allow Townsend Energy the opportunity to help homeowners by calling our office to sign up for an annual maintenance contract right away.

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3 Signs to Consider When It’s Time to Replace A Boiler

image of efficiency rating depicting energy efficient gas boilerKnowing when it’s time to replace a boiler is of the utmost importance as a homeowner. In this particular case, the homeowner realized that their boiler was 35 years old and it was definitely nearing the end of its life. She decided to proactively take matters into our own hands and replace it before it became a major problem during the winter.
Other homeowners aren’t so lucky. But there are telltale signs that they could look for that help them nip this problem in the bud before it becomes a bigger and more expensive issue later on down the line.

The following information is designed to help homeowners determine the best time to replace their boiler before it breaks down completely.

Energy Expenditure

If a homeowner begins to notice increases in their energy expenses even though prices haven’t increased, this is potentially happening because their propane gas boiler is no longer operating at its most efficient levels.

Or, the boiler is becoming more expensive to maintain due to continuous maintenance costs. Either way, if the boiler is becoming much more expensive due to increased energy expenditures, it’s likely a good time to consider upgrading to a unit that is much more reliable than the current one.

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Boiler Age

Is the boiler really old and on its way out? With proper maintenance, most boilers are expected to last for at least 15 years. But often the longer the homeowner waits, the more expensive it is to properly maintain the boiler. Keep the age of the boiler in mind if it is becoming really expensive to keep it running in tip-top condition every winter.

Energy Efficiency

Whether the boiler is failing or not, it’s potentially in the homeowner’s best interest to replace it if upgrading to a newer system would provide bigger and better benefits. As far as energy efficiency goes, a boiler with a high AFUE rating is much better than a boiler that isn’t energy-efficient. Homeowners will save money on energy expenses over the long run with a more efficient system in place.

Crucial Considerations before Upgrading a Propane Gas Boiler

  • Expected Boiler Lifespan – it’s always in the homeowner’s best interest to pick a boiler with a long lifespan. Choose one known for its longevity because it will last for many years to come before it needs to be replaced.
  • Boiler Brand Trust – homeowners will benefit by choosing products from trustworthy brands with longevity in the industry. This all but guarantees that the boiler is designed to operate at maximum effectiveness.
  • Boiler AFUE Rating – in this particular case, the homeowners chose a PurePro propane boiler with an 85% AFUE rating. This was an excellent choice because this highly efficient boiler burns the majority of the propane with very little waste, which saves homeowners money on energy expenses.
  • HVAC Contractor – the wise homeowner chooses a contractor with an excellent reputation known for taking care of its customers. Townsend Energy is a mainstay in Manchester NH because we care about our customers and work diligently to maintain our impeccable reputation.
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It always makes sense for homeowners to work with a contractor like Townsend Energy because we are a proficient HVAC repair and installation company dedicated to helping our client base save money while receiving expert care from our specialists and technicians. We do everything in our power to solidify our reputation by making our customers happy in Manchester NH and beyond. Get started today by scheduling a free consultation.

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Townsend Energy guarantees to provide the most competitive heating and cooling service costs in the area. Our maintenance services ensure to improve your comfort, increase your system’s energy efficiency, and reduce your home’s heating and cooling costs.

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