Thermo Pride Oil Furnace Installation In Woburn MA

furance replacement woburn maTownsend Energy enjoys playing an active role in the community. Last December, they held a furnace giveaway. They offered a  Thermo Pride CLHS1 Series that had a value of $3,000 to one lucky winner. Anyone who wanted to participate in the giveaway was welcome. In total, there were 685 entries. Out of all those participants, the Strong family won.

The Strongs decided that they wanted to upgrade their furnace for a better model. They chose the Thermo Pride OH6 Premiere Series. Townsend Energy credited the $3,000 that the Strong family had won towards their upgrade.

The Strong family was happy that they had won. In fact, they needed to replace their old furnace anyhow.  The indoor climate in their two-story single family home felt uncomfortable during the winter. They noticed temperature imbalances throughout the day. Some rooms would feel warm while others would feel cold. Kevin Anderson, one of our experienced HVAC technicians, installed their new Thermo Pride oil furnace in their Woburn MA home.

Problem: During the winter, the Strong family noticed that they never felt very comfortable. Also, their energy bills were unusually high this winter. To deal with the discomfort of their home, they were adjusting the thermostat, knowing that this would negatively affect their energy costs. After dealing with this for a few months and, consequently, winning Townsend’s furnace giveaway, they decided to do something about it.

Solution: Townsend Energy replaced the Strong’s old and inefficient Metromatic HB100 furnace with a new Thermo Pride OH6 Premiere Series – Low-Profile Highboy with ECM Blower Motor oil furnace.

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OH6 Premiere Series – Low-Profile Highboy with ECM Blower Motor

woburn thermo pride furnace installation serviceTownsend Energy highly recommends Thermo Pride products. Thermo Pride is known for manufacturing some of the best heating systems available on the market. The designs that Thermo Pride uses have made their furnaces reliable and efficient with the capacity to provide an unparalleled level of comfort. Thermo Pride stands by their products by offering impressive warranties. When investing in a Thermo Pride furnace for your home, you know that you are getting a system that is reliable and long-lasting.

The particular model that we installed for the Strong family has an ECM blower motor. This type of motor increases the unit’s energy efficiency. Since it is 11” shorter than the typical highboy furnace, its compact design allows the installation of this unit in places with low ceilings.


  • Energy Star Qualified: HVAC systems that meet Energy Star qualifications protect the environment, use less energy, and keep your energy costs low.
  • Craftsmanship: The Thermo Pride name is not new to the heating and cooling industry. In fact, Thermo Pride has manufactured HVAC equipment for over 70 years. A Thermo Pride system is reliable, and its craftsmanship is dependable. The OH6 model is designed to meet the Stong’s needs all throughout the winter.
  • Compact Design: This model is 11” shorter than traditional highboy furnaces. This unit can fit into small spaces while offering an impressive amount of heating power.
  • Compatibility: This unit is compatible with modern and efficient air conditioning systems. The low height of this furnace allows for easy installation and saves on costs.
  • Servicing: Thermo Pride has placed the heat exchanger cleanout locations in areas that accessible. These locations mean that it is easier to maintain this unit which translates into more savings.
  • Octatherm Heat Exchanger: Uses a Thermo Pride Octatherm heat exchanger that is coated in copper and has 13-gauges. The copper helps prevent corrosion when there are damp external conditions. The octagon shape of the heat exchanger helps increase the surface area and heat transfer.
  • Oil Burner: The oil burner is available in Beckett, Carlin or Riello and the nozzle offers different firing rates.
  • Efficient: This model has an AFUE rating of up to 86.1%, making this unit extremely energy efficient. This impressive Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency rating translates into low home heating costs.
    Design: Powder coated inside and out for a strong a durable finish and has furniture-grade steel cabinet which aids in heat retention
  • Warranty: Thermo Pride heat exchangers come with a limited lifetime warranty. Also, if you sell your home, the warranty will automatically transfer to the home buyers. Thermo Pride furnaces also come with a 10-year warranty for parts.

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What You Need To Know Before Replacing Your Heating System

old and inefficient furnaceApart from regular fuel deliveries and annual maintenance, a lot of homeowners don’t spend a lot of time thinking about their home heating systems, but if you have a boiler or furnace that is over 12 years ago, you should probably consider getting a new one.

According to boiler and furnace manufacturers, this equipment typically lasts between 12 years and two decades. If you’ve been diligent about caring for your heating system and having it professionally maintained, then this equipment might actually last longer than 12 years. If you’re someone who doesn’t know how old your boiler or furnace is, or if you’re having significant issues with your home heating system in general, it’s probably high time to consider getting a replacement source of heat.

Buying a new boiler or furnace is a very important investment. The good news is that the costs of replacing your home heat equipment can be offset by the significant energy and fuel savings that you’ll invariably enjoy over the next 12 to 20 years to come. New boilers and furnaces are incredibly efficient and thus, they’re capable of providing warmth all throughout the winter and with a lot less fuel than the units from several decades ago required.

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Check For Warning Signs

It isn’t all that common for people to simply wake up and find that their furnaces aren’t working. There are usually a number of warning signs that will rear their heads in the years and months that precede the end of a heater’s lifespan. If you have a boiler or furnace that’s 12 years old or older, you should look for the following warning signs.

Is your oil use increasing?

Are you finding that your oil tank isn’t lasting like it used to? Boilers and furnaces become less efficient as they age, especially if people make the mistake of neglecting overall furnace maintenance. Decreased efficiency often means that heat systems are starting to wear down.

Are you spending more money on repairs?

When was the last time you paid for furnace maintenance, apart from your regularly scheduled, annual maintenance? If you’re hearing clicking or clunking sounds, other strange noises, or experiencing other concerns with your home heat equipment, this probably means that it’s reaching the end of its lifespan. With most home heat equipment, the older that it becomes, the more often it needs to be repaired. Having to contact a repair service more than once each year is costly, and this is money that could instead be used to buy a newer and more efficient system instead.

Is your living environment comfortable?

Everyone expects a certain amount of dryness during winter, but if your indoor air is dusty, stale and extremely dry, this means that your boiler or furnace is probably getting old. Older systems often have very poor ventilation. They’re also at risk of developing cracks within their heat exchangers that will, in turn, let carbon monoxide into the house. Every home should have a working, carbon monoxide detector, but another important, preventative measure is to update your furnace.

Does your thermostat work?

If your house stays cold even when the heat is cranked all the way up, or if one room in your home is a lot warmer than others, this is probably an issue with your home heat system. As boilers and furnaces age, they’re rarely able to effectively distribute heat like they used to. Take the time to eliminate leaky windows and other drafts as the cause. Then see how well your heat system is doing throughout your entire home.


I Have To Get A New Furnace. Now What?

To get maximum effectiveness and efficiency from your new furnace or boiler, you should get in touch with a professional to learn more about your home heat needs. You will also need professionals who can get rid of your old unit and who can inspect your ductwork and other heat system components as well.

Boilers and furnaces are sized for fitting specific houses, which can also impact their costs. Their brand and level of efficiency will also play a role in determining their cost. Even though this is a significant investment, a new heater can eventually result in considerable repair and fuel savings. To get more info on purchasing a new boiler or oil furnace, get in touch with Townsend Energy now.

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