Weil-McLain Oil Boiler Replacement In Winchester MA

Weil-McLain Boiler InstallThe Dolan residence gave Townsend Energy a call because they noticed that their oil tank was leaking. Also, their boiler was old and outdated, and it was not performing well.

One of our technicians went to their home to carry out an assessment. He noticed that, not only was their tank leaking, but their boiler was leaking as well.

These types of issues are not usually repairable. Therefore, he recommended an oil tank replacement and a boiler replacement for their Winchester MA home.

Problem: The Dolans noticed that their home had started to feel less comfortable. Additionally, they noticed an increase in their fuel consumption. During an in-home consultation, Townsend Energy’s technician found that their oil tank and their boiler heating system was leaking.

Solution: Townsend Energy replaced the Dolan’s old and inefficient boiler with a new Weil-McLain WTGO-6RD boiler. We also replaced their heating oil tank.

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Weil-McLain WTGO-6RD Boiler

Weil-Mclain WTGO-6RD Boiler Weil-McLain produces some of the best heating equipment on the market today. They are built in the United States, using only the finest materials.

Their boilers use cast iron, stainless steel, and the latest technology for heat exchangers. These systems are known for their reliability and energy efficiency, making Weil-McLain one of the industry leaders for heating system production.

Weil-McLain boilers have an aesthetically pleasing appearance. They are highly functional and safe. They are made to last. Anyone who invests in a Weil-McLain boiler can have the peace of mind that they have purchased a system that will provide a high level of comfort and value to their home.

Some of the features of the Weil-McLain WTGO-6RD boiler are:

  • 87% AFUE rating
  • Oil-fired water boiler
  • Cast iron sections
  • High capacity and highly efficient tankless heating system
  • Highly accessible for servicing and inspections due to the swing door and quick open top that allows access to the chamber
  • Factory-wired circulator
  • Elastomer seals to ensure reliability
  • Recessed target walls
  • 2 flue outlets for venting allowances
  • Comes as an assembled unit or as a knockdown for areas with limited space
  • Warranty: the heat exchanger for 20 years and all other parts for 2 years

The Doran family will now be able to enjoy a comfortable home with reliable heating. By investing in this unit, they have added value to their house and decreased their energy costs. Furthermore, they will receive a rebate amount of $750.00 which reduces the initial cost of their boiler installation. The Dorans are happy that Townsend Energy could completely meet their home comfort needs in a fast, affordable, and professional manner.

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Signs That It Is Time To Replace Your Boiler

signs for a boiler replacementIf you have a cracked boiler or a cracked heat exchanger, it often means that you need to upgrade or replace your heating system. A professional will need to come to your home to install the new unit. If you have a heating system that is a combo unit with a water heater, you will know that you need to make a call for service if your hot water runs cold or runs out too quickly.

To prevent your boiler from cracking or the damage or the damage that comes from a broken boiler, you should know a few of the signs that indicate the need for a replacement. Knowing these indicators can save you the stress and the headaches of needing to go without heat during the coldest time of the year while you wait to have a new one installed. Also, being able to recognize these signs early will give you time to plan and budget to have a new boiler installed.

Annual Inspections

You should understand that all boilers need an annual inspection. Townsend Energy provides maintenance services that will improve the performance of your system. It will increase energy efficiency while increasing its lifespan.

According to HVAC experts, a heating and cooling system that receives regular maintenance will outlast one that doesn’t receive any maintenance. Also, regular tune-ups will cut down on repair costs because the HVAC technician can catch any issues early on. When they find minor problems, the problems won’t have a chance to escalate into major and expensive problems. This aspect of maintenance is valid for all types of boilers and furnaces including oil boilers, gas boilers, and all kinds of cooling systems.

Signs To Look Out For

There are a few signs that indicate when you are due for a boiler replacement


Boilers usually last 15 years or more as long as they receive maintenance. There are some cast iron boilers that can last between 20 and 30 years. When a system ages, its efficiency begins to decrease. Because of this, the most financially sound decision is to replace the unit when it is at the end of its lifespan. New boilers are much more energy efficient and save energy. It won’t take too long before the new boiler pays for itself in the money that you can save on energy costs.


energy costsIf you notice that your energy costs higher than usual each month, it might be time for a boiler replacement. Not only should you consider the amount of your energy bill, but you should also think about maintenance and repair costs. Often, frequent repair costs indicate the need for a major overhaul or a replacement. If the frequency to repair your boiler has increased, you are better off spending your money on a new boiler.


If you notice an excess of noise coming from your boiler when it is running, it is a sign that you should replace it sooner than later.


If you have a gas burner and you see a yellow flame, or if you notice black soot on the heating system, it is a sign that the fuel is not burning the way that it should. Whether you have a gas-fired system or an oil-fired system, and you see that there is discoloration, you should contact Townsend Energy right away. As a precaution, you should also have carbon monoxide detectors in the home so that you can be alerted if something like this arises.


If you notice that your boiler is leaking or if you find that you need to add more water to the unit when it is low, it may be time for a boiler upgrade. When the boiler is leaking, it can result in water damage and even a very costly flood. The best way to avoid these expensive costs is to invest in a new boiler.


When it is time to replace your boiler, you may notice that some rooms in the home are warm and that some rooms are cold. Also, if the temperature in the house varies throughout the day, compromising comfort, you should think about buying a new system. Finally, if you are adjusting your thermostat several times a day to keep the home comfortable, you may need to replace your system.

If you notice any of the above signs, you should give us a call Rather than being faced with a no-heat emergency in the middle of the winter, you should consider a unit upgrade. There are plenty of newer units, such as the Weil-McLain WTGO-6RD boiler, can keep the home more comfortable, they are more energy efficient, they are reliable, and they will increase the value of the house. These are all things that an old, outdated boiler cannot do.


Why You Should Replace Your Old Heating Oil Tank

heating oil tankIt is hard to tell if your oil tank is on its way out. Most oil tanks corrode from the inside out, especially older tanks. Particles and moisture that get trapped inside the tank cause corrosion. The tank can look like it is in perfect condition on the outside when it is actually in bad shape on the inside.

Be Proactive

It is best to be proactive and replace the oil tank before a failure occurs. When a tank fails, it often begins as a pinhole, causing a small drip on inspection. If you don’t do periodic checks on your oil tank, it can fail. Tank failures cause substantial oil spills from the tank. If you do not contain the spill in time, it can result in a severe and expensive cleanup of hazardous waste. Even if your oil tank is on a concrete floor in the basement, it will still leave an unpleasant odor that will linger in your home.

To protect the oil tank, most homeowners buy high-quality oil, and they use additives to prevent sludge. Regardless of the precautions that you tank, all tanks will develop a layer of sludge at the bottom. Older tanks often have more sludge than newer tanks. Not only can sludge deteriorate the tank when the fuel level is low, it can also get into the fuel lines of the heating system. This can result in clogs and can cause damage to the system.

Benefits Of An Oil Tank Replacement

There are several benefits associated with an oil tank replacement. Some of the significant benefits include:

  • Protect the furnace from sediment and sludge.
  • Avoid an expensive tank failure.
  • Preserve the value of your home by preventing leaks.
  • You can avoid damage to the environment.
  • A new tank will function to its maximum potential and maximum efficiency.

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Outstanding. Thank you

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Replace Pump and restore heat in the line

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Worked on replacing one of the system pumps and was patient when the system on the line failed to pump the oil and he worked long and hard to satisfactorily solve the block in the line to get the line pumping again

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Terrific person, excellent job!

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Brian M.

Added Refrigerant Charge to all Central Air Conditioning Systems to factory specifications. Installed all new brass seal caps, and repaired armor flex insulation on unit in driveway.

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Tuned up Burnham hot water heating system and replaced broken oil burner coupling. Call 100% covered under service contract.

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