SuperStor 45 Gallon Water Heater Installation Project In Burlington MA

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The Nigro family called Townsend Energy one day not that long ago because suddenly, they no longer had hot water in their home. Whenever they turned on one of their hot water taps, nothing but cold water greeted them.

Hot water is a must in any home, but this is especially true in Burlington MA in the dead of winter. You’d never want to take a cold shower in the middle of the winter in Massachusetts and the Nigro family agrees.

Right away, one of the members of their family contacted us and told us about their problem. We quickly determined that their existing water heater was no longer operational. But we needed to confirm our suspicion, so we scheduled an appointment to make an in-home visit to officially diagnose the problem and provide this wonderful family with an inexpensive and effective solution.

Lisandro Batistini, one of our professional technicians, jumped in his work van and immediately made his way to the Nigro residence in Burlington MA. After reaching their home, and gaining entrance to the room with the hot water heater, he instantly discovered that their water heater was in serious disrepair and needed a water heater installation Burlington MA. It would be impossible to fix their existing water heater because it was too old and too far gone.

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Problem: The Nigro household attempted to turn on their hot water one day, only to realize that it was no longer working. They didn’t understand the problem, so they called Townsend Energy to examine their existing setup and make recommendations to fix their hot water problems.

Solution: Lisandro Batistini from Townsend Energy stepped up and visited their home. He determined that their existing water heater was beyond repair and recommended a SuperStor water heater installation to solve their problem.

SuperStor Water Heater Installation in Burlington MA

htp ssu water heater replacement burlington massachusettsIt was incredibly smart of the Nigro family to contact us to find out about our expert services. Going without a working hot water heater is no joke, and they acted quickly because they didn’t want to spend too much time without hot water in their home.

You’d be surprised to know that some homeowners actually procrastinate when it comes to problems like this. And then they suffer needlessly, which is something the Nigro family didn’t want to deal with.

They knew enough to call Townsend Energy because we have a tremendous reputation for our HVAC services in Burlington MA. Not only do our specialists possess the skills and expertise to install a brand-new hot water heater, they also focus on customer service by making sure each and every Townsend Energy client is satisfied from start to finish.

Lisandro Batistini recommended installing a 45-gallon SuperStor hot water heater to meet their needs. This is an excellent choice, and many other expert HVAC services would agree because they also recommend this brand and model. It’s a great choice to meet every family’s wants and needs and it will quickly restore their hot water in no time flat.

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Warning Signs Of An Impending Water Heater Replacement In Burlington MA

It’s up to the homeowner to keep their new hot water heater in good working condition. As long as they consistently inspect, drain, and flush their water heater, it should last for 8-12 years or longer.

According to, installing a new water heater means you’ll likely end up getting an energy-efficient model with a bigger tank, so you’ll save money and have access to uninterrupted hot water as well.

At the same time, there are certain signs that one must look out for when owning a hot water heater. These warning signs could tell you that a potential problem is brewing.
The important warning signs to consider are as follows:

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Your Hot Water Isn’t Working

This is the obvious warning sign to keep on the lookout for. If your hot water isn’t working and it suddenly happens unexpectedly, the obvious reason is that your water heater needs repairs or replacement.

So, turn on one of your hot water taps to see if it is producing hot water. If it isn’t, you should call Townsend Energy to schedule an appointment. We’ll visit your home, determine the problem, and offer you a safe and affordable solution.

Your Hot Water Heater Is Noisy

homeowner covering ears due to noisy hot water heater

Now that your hot water heater is on the fritz, are you beginning to notice gurgling and rumbling sounds? They are surefire signs that something is definitely wrong with your tank, and it likely has everything in the world to do with sediment buildup.

When sediment starts to build up in your water tank, and then it gets heated over and over each day, it hardens and starts moving around within the tank. This is what creates the scary gurgling and rumbling thuds that sound so unappealing.

If you hear these noises, take them as a negative sign that something is definitely wrong with your hot water heater. These unsavory noises mean your water heater is working overtime to heat the water in your home, and it could lead to severe problems like leaking, internal damage, and more.

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Your Hot Water Heater Produces Rusty Brownish Tinted Water

One surefire sign that your hot water heater is on the verge of developing problems is if you begin noticing brownish or rusty water. This isn’t supposed to happen with a healthy hot water heater. In fact, the insides of the water tank are likely rusting, which is why you are seeing hot water whenever you open up the valve.

If the inside of that water tank isn’t rusting, it’s possible that your pipes are beginning to rust as well. Regardless, this rusty brownish water is a symptom of an even greater problem, so you need expert help if this begins happening.

Let one of the expert technicians at Townsend Energy know about the problem. We’ll send someone over as soon as possible to inspect the water tank and the pipes to determine where the brownish rusty water is coming from.

Water/Moisture Buildup

image of a water leak on floor from hot water heater

When you look at your hot water heater, are you seeing water beginning to pool around the sides of the tank? Or do you notice moisture building up on the tank? These warning signs are telling you that your storage tank potentially has a leak or crack, and it can get worse if you leave it alone.

Depending on where the leak or crack is located, this could hypothetically lead to the need for an entirely new hot water heater if it’s impossible to fix. That’s exactly what happened with the Nigro family when they called us to replace their water heater recently.

If it seems like you may have a serious problem, please contact Townsend Energy as quickly as you can. One of our expert technicians will visit your home and diagnose the problem before providing a real-world effective solution.

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Additional Hot Water Heater Issues

Hopefully, you have a better understanding of the warning signs to look out for as a hot water heater owner. Now it’s time to pay attention to what certain problems might cause you in the future that includes:

  • Wrong water heater size – installing the wrong size water heater – especially if it’s too small – means your hot water heater will have to work overtime to heat the water in your home. By working overtime, you are overusing the device and it’s going to break down quicker over the long run.
  • High water pressure – when the water pressure is too high, this can lead to unnecessary damage to your water heater. The extra pressure will put significant strain on your appliances and pipes, which could cause the overflow pipe to leak. This will happen if the water pressure from your hot water heater is much too high.
  • Corrosive fumes – if your water heater begins to kick off corrosive fumes, this can create serious havoc within your storage tank. The fumes can begin to seriously deteriorate the storage tank from within, which will lead to real-world and lasting damage that will ultimately cause your storage tank to fail in the future.
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Water Heater Upgrade Considerations

You have a much better understanding of hot water heaters and how they work at this point. But you also need to know what to look for if you intend to upgrade your system in the near future. The important options to consider are as follows:

  • Brand Reputation – does the water heater brand have an excellent reputation? As you pay attention to your options, make sure you pick a water heater from a trustworthy brand. This will help to ensure that you’re choosing a great product.
  • Product Warranty – as far as a SuperStor 45-gallon water heater is concerned, they have multiple product warranties to choose from. A residential use warranty is a 10-year warranty on the product and a one-year warranty on the component parts. The extended residential use warranty provides a lifetime warranty on the product and a one-year warranty on the component parts.
  • Environmentally Friendly – it’s always wise to choose an environmentally friendly and energy-efficient hot water heater whenever possible. Not only will it protect the earth and the environment, but these energy-saving devices tend to cut down on your electric bills each month as well, which saves money over the long term.
  • Longevity – finding a well-respected brand is always a good idea because they tend to create products designed to last for a long time. Your best bet is to find a hot water heater that will last for at least 12 years or more before it needs to be replaced.
  • Contractor – in this particular case, you’ve already decided to do business with Townsend Energy because of our stellar reputation in Burlington MA. We vow to complete your project in a timely manner and do our best to live up to our excellent reputation. We’d love to lend a helping hand!
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HTP SuperStor SSU-45 Hot Water Heater with 45-Gallon Tank and Controls

  • 10 years or extended lifetime water heater warranty, one year parts warranty
  • Attractive silver finish
  • Internal stainless steel hot water outlet tube
  • High output finned cupronickel exchanger
  • 2-inch-thick foam insulation
  • 316L stainless steel tank – resistant to corrosion and high temperatures
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HTP SuperStor Water Heater Installation in Burlington MA

te logoDid your hot water suddenly stop working one day? It sounds like your hot water heater needs expert repair or total replacement. Townsend Energy is the HVAC service provider to call in Burlington MA.

Why? Our regular customers love us, they know that we work hard to meet their every need, and they understand that we make their problems our #1 priority.
We’ll do the same for you because we know how difficult it is to live without working hot water, heat, air-conditioning, and more. Reach out to Townsend Energy anytime whenever you need expert HVAC assistance.

Would you like an in-home consultation? You can get in touch with us by visiting the contact page here. On the other hand, you can call us directly by dialing (800) 888-2888  right now to speak with one of our customer service and support experts.

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It was a pleasure speaking with you today! At Townsend, we value our customers' feedback and would greatly appreciate if you could leave a review on the service that was provided today? Thank you!

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