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boiler replacement in salem maThe Merry family noticed an increased level of discomfort in their Salem, MA home. Also, their energy bills had skyrocketed.

Since their boiler also provided their home’s hot water, they could not rely on it to deliver enough hot water to get through a short shower.

By the end of the winter, they decided to call Townsend Energy. They had reached the point where they did not want to deal with these issues anymore.

Upon inspecting their Crown boiler system, we confirmed that it was old, inefficient, and had exceeded its expected lifespan. Therefore, it was incapable of performing well. It was not repairable.

For these reasons, we suggested a boiler replacement for their Salem MA home.

Problem: The Merry’s boiler could not meet the heating needs of their home. It did not provide a comfortable level of heat and it did not provide a sufficient amount of hot water.
Solution: Townsend Energy replaced their old Crown boiler with a tankless water heater and booster tank with Viessmann Vitoden 200 boiler and a Viessmann EVI-53 indirect water heater.

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Viessmann Vitoden 200 Boiler

Viessmann Vitoden 200 BoilerViessmann is one of the most prestigious names in the HVAC industry. When a home installs a Viessmann, you know that they are getting an unparalleled level of comfort. These systems offer reliable, consistent, and outstanding performance. They come with a stainless steel heat exchanger and cylinder burner. The heat exchanger has self-cleaning features. The design of these components helps ensure a long service life and dependability. Some of the features that allow this boiler to offer its economical and

  • AFUE: up to 95%
  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • Low emission combustion and environmentally friendly
  • Lambda Pro Gas Management System: adjusts fuel use to meet heating needs, increasing energy efficiency
  • Quiet operation-quieter than most refrigerators
  • Multiple venting options-vent length up to 180 ft.
  • Compact and lightweight design
  • Rated by Energy Star as “Most Efficient 2016” and “Most Efficient 2018”
  • 5-year limited parts warranty and limited lifetime warranty for the pressure vessel

By installing a Viessmann Vitoden 200 in their home, the Merry family has increased their home’s value. These systems last a long time and provide a high level of comfort that is necessary to get through the MA winter seasons. They are happy with the installation and they look forward to paying much less on their energy costs.

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Viessmann Vitocell EVI-53

Viessmann Vitocell EVI-53 water heaterBy upgrading their heating system, the Merry family also needed to update their water heating system. They had us install a Viessmann Vitocell EVI-53 water heater in their home. Viessmann produces many different home comfort systems, all of which, provide an outstanding level of comfort. Their water heaters are no different. This water heater features a single coil system that is made from high-alloy stainless steel. This aspect of this water heater’s design enables it to be fully hygienic, recover quickly, and increase its life expectancy.

  • Long life expectancy: corrosion-resistant hot water tank and high-alloy stainless steel coil
  • The unit does not need a sacrificial anode for protection. This translates into
  • No anode replacement costs.
  • Extremely energy efficient
  • Coil extends all the way to the tank bottom
  • Offers minimal standby heat loss since it has insulation that is foamed-in-place or wrap-around HCFC-free.
  • Has a wide range of capacity: 53 to 119 gallons

This water heater will provide ample hot water for the Merry family to take hot showers, wash dishes, or any other activity that requires hot water. They are happy with their new water heater and they can count on it for many years to come.

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Benefits Of Replacing Your Boiler

new boiler and water heaterThere are many benefits gained by upgrading to a new gas boiler.

A Home That’s Warmer And Far More Comfortable

As time goes on old, outdated boilers gradually become less and less efficient. They usually have a tough time warming the home up. Modern gas boilers, however, are capable of creating genuinely comfortable and warm living environments.

Lower Your Home Energy Bills

The older that boilers get; the less efficient they become. Therefore, using an older boiler leads to significantly higher home heating costs. Replacing your gas boiler with a model that’s both newer and more efficient will lower your home heating costs by quite a bit.

Increased Peace Of Mind

Upgrading to a gas boiler will do far more than merely lower your home energy bills; it will additionally increase your overall peace of mind. This unit will last longer, work better, and provide more security against unexpected breakdowns -the manufacturer will also back it up with a warranty.

Increased Temperature Control

Gas boilers that are new come with innovative heating controls that make it possible to set and maintain the desired temperature in your home. You can be much more precise about the amount of heat that you want for every area of the building. You can increase your home comfort and save money along the way.

Make Your Property More Valuable

Your home’s value will improve once you have a gas boiler with an A-rating installed, and it will also have a higher efficiency rating.

Get A Smaller Unit Size

A modern gas boiler is much smaller than an older model. You will also have far more options for your unit replacement. Some of the latest designs are small enough to fit inside a cupboard. For some homeowners, this proves to be an excellent way to free up usable space.

Quieter Operation

Due to their improved designs and all-around better materials, upgraded boilers are usually a lot quieter than their more dated counterparts.

Signs That You Are Due For A Boiler Replacement

old crown boilerAs per, you want to start thinking about replacing your boiler once it’s 15 years old or older. But, smart homeowners go beyond merely tracking the age of their boilers. They also look for other signs that these essential home appliances need a replacement.

Some additional signs that indicate the need for a boiler replacement include:

  • The need for frequent boiler repairs
  • Increasing fuel costs
  • The appearance of black soot or yellow flames
  • The boiler starts to leak

Let’s take a more in-depth look at these signs and why they indicate a need for a boiler replacement.

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Sign 1: The Need For Frequent Boiler Repairs

If you have to repair your boiler every six months or so, then it is probably more cost-effective to directly get a new one.

Why is this the case? Well, the more wear and tear that a boiler experiences, the more likely that the boiler is going to break down. If the need for repairs is occurring at an increasingly rapid rate, you have to ask whether it’s worth it to continue pouring money into an appliance that’s dying.

How to think of it: The typical boiler repair costs several hundred dollars. Now, let’s imagine that your boiler requires various repairs. The costs can add up quickly. Rather than spending all of your money on an appliance that is probably going to stop working entirely in a year or less, you can funnel your money toward the costs of replacing this unit.

Sign 2: You Home Energy Costs Are Increasing

As boilers grow older, they have to do a lot more work to put out the same amount of heat. For instance, states that scale build-up can result in your boiler consuming a lot more fuel to generate the same amount of heat. Therefore, your home utility bills are going to go up.

Over time, boilers will invariably accumulate a layer of scale on all their surfaces for heat transfer that comes from dissolved materials within the water. This scale reduces the amount of heat that gets transferred to the water (and to your home) by acting as insulation. As a result, your boiler has to use more fuel than it did in times past, to create a comfortable, indoor environment.

Sign 3: Yellow Flames Appear

If you find that your boiler is putting off yellow, rather than blue flames, this means that the boiler is not burning fuel properly and needs a replacement right away.

Why do you need to replace your boiler right away? Well, if your boiler isn’t burning gas precisely as it should, it’s going to start burning yellow to produce carbon monoxide, an odorless, colorless gas that will prove lethal at some levels. Even at lower levels, however, this gas can lead to chest pain, upset stomach, dizziness, and headaches.

So why is your gas no longer burning correctly? Well, as time passes, your boiler burners can get clogged with soot and dirt that does not permit the correct mix of oxygen and gas. The improper balance of oxygen and fuel leads to yellow flames or incomplete combustion.

Sign 4: Your Boiler Is Frequently Leaking

As boiler systems age, they will usually start to leak water. Eventually, small-sized leaks can turn into much larger ones that can lead to significant and expensive problems with home water damage.

As time passes, boiler leaks can develop from:

  • Body cracks, often the result of stress fractures within the metal or corrosion
  • Seal damage
  • Excess pressure

If your boiler has a minor leak, then the unit should be replaced. If the boiler metal is weak enough and a small leak develops, more leaks will occur in the near future.

Do you see these signs? Get in touch with Townsend Energy now to request a quote for home boiler replacement. If you think that now is the time for you to get a new boiler, be sure to contact us.

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