Buderus Forced Hot Water Boiler Replacement in Manchester-by-the-Sea, Massachusetts

The Strout family recently noticed that their Manchester-by-the-Sea home felt cooler than it normally should. The colder weather was becoming a concern to the Strout’s, and they tried adjusting the thermostat to see if it could alleviate their heating issue. Alas, nothing seemed to be working for the Strout family. They decided to call Townsend Energy to assist in their heating concerns.Boiler Installation Manchester-by-the-Sea, MA

We dispatched one of our seasoned technicians, Dave, to their Manchester-by-the-Sea home. After inspecting their heating system, our technician determined that their old boiler was no longer functioning. Due to the heating system being non-functional, we recommended an oil fired boiler replacement for their Massachusetts home.

Problem: The Strout family’s boiler was no longer functioning.

Solution: We installed an energy-efficient Buderus forced hot water boiler and two Roth 275 gallon oil tanks.

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Oil Boiler Replacement Manchester-by-the-Sea, MA

Keeping track of the age of your boiler system is imperative to maintaining the comfort of your home. The Strout family’s concerns about the lack of heat were validated by our technician Dave after the inspection of their home’s heating system. When a boiler nears the end of its life expectancy, problems start to arise. You could notice your energy bills skyrocketing or have a home that can’t maintain its warmth. Or even in the Stout’s case, the boiler stops functioning altogether.

The Strout’s were elated when we would be able to relieve them of the heating issue. We were able to install a new energy-efficient oil boiler heating system that fits within their budget.

The Materials Used For This Replacement Included:

  • Buderus G215/6 Forced Hot Water Boiler, 86% AFUE
  • Watts 1156 Water Feeder & Backflow Preventer
  • Extrol Expansion
  • Aqua smart outdoor control
  • Riello Oil Burner
  • Removal and disposal of existing Boiler and related materials
  • New supply and return headers, piped in black iron
  • Miscellaneous Fittings
  • Grundfos circulators (7)
  • Flue Pipe from Boiler to Chimney
  • Connect to the existing indirect hot water tank
  • Triple Pass boiler
  • All required copper piping, with fittings

If you feel uncomfortable in your home or are paying higher than usual energy costs, call the experts at Townend Energy. We can inspect your system and determine the ideal heating solution for your home. We specialize in comfort and energy-efficiency for all our customers. Call now to schedule a free estimate.

Buderus G215/6 Forced Hot Water Boiler Replacement Manchester-by-the-Sea, MA

The Strout family wanted a reliable boiler to bring efficient heating to their Manchester-by-the-Sea home. Our solution to their needs was a Buderus G215/6 Forced Hot Water Oil Boiler.

Buderus Boiler Replacement Manchester-by-the-Sea, MA


Buderus has a long and established history in the heating application industry. In 1731 they started as a charcoal blast furnace plant that supplied hobs and stove plates and various other products. Today, they are the industry leader in next-generation heating technology with their durable, energy-efficient, and innovative home heating systems.

Buderus created a full three-pass system, which increases the efficiency in all of their boilers. The G215 boiler allows the water to be heated three separate times to extract and deliver more heat from the fuel. To keep the heat insulated, Buderus designed a 3” thick thermal insulation jacket to help maintain higher water temperatures. The blue-enamel jacket holds heat exceptionally well. It will maintain a higher water temperature after the boiler has gone into its standby mode.

Features and Advantages of a Buderus G215 Boiler:

  • 86% AFUE ratings
  • Energy Star Certified
  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • Durable blue enameled jacket
  • Easy access full swing burner door
  • 5 model options (134 MBH to 294 MBH)
  • Flue connection and rear tappings
  • Flushing the boiler through front access plugs
  • Operates at low return temperatures
  • Evenly distributes water flow through all boiler sections
  • Baffles and clips to adjust stack temperatures

Buderus G-Series boilers are designed and built to the highest of industry standards and are acknowledged as the leader in high-efficiency, low-emission hydronic heating. With their innovative designs, quality in the manufacturing process, and performance, Buderus is ideal for new installations or as a replacement for any boiler.

If you are looking to have a more energy-efficient home or trying to save on heating costs, contact Townsend Energy. We have NATE certified experts waiting to assist in making your home more comfortable all within your budget.

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Roth 275 Gallon Double Wall Oil Tank Installation in Manchester-by-the-Sea, MA

Having a dependable storage tank for your heating oil is imperative for the comfort of your home. In this project, we installed two 275 gallon Roth oil tanks for the Stout family. Roth offers one of the best warranty and insurance guarantees currently on the market. Their 30-year warranty covers all manufacturers defects and workmanship related issues that come with a $2 million oil spill clean-up guarantee.

Their double-wall design makes this fuel storage tank an industry leader:

  • Inner Tank: Is made of a high-density, seamless, blow-molded polyethylene that is leak-proof, rust-proof, and corrosion-resistant.
  • Outer Tank: A leak-proof, weld-free galvanized steel which is roll-seamed to create an oil and fire-resistant seal. This seal helps to make the tank rust-resistant inside and out.

Benefits of a Roth oil tank:

  • Double-Walled Design
  • Expansion System Allows Increased Storage Capacity For Faster And Easier Fill-Ups
  • Compact Design
  • Up To 50% Lighter Than Most Conventional Steel Oil Tanks
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Rust-free Design
  • Corrosion Resistant

Roth double-wall oil tanks were the perfect addition to the Strout family’s new oil boiler and will last for years. Next time you are looking for an oil tank to go along with your oil heating system, consider a Roth and all their benefits.

What Are The Signs My Manchester-by-the-Sea Boiler Needs Replacing?

There are usually tell-tale signs that your boiler is on its last legs. In the Stout family, the only sign they noticed was the lack of heat in their home. When the heat goes away completely, there could be several issues causing this headache. The best option is to call Townsend Energy to assess the situation.

Signs To Look Out For In Your Home’s Heating System:

  • Older Than 15 Years
  • No Longer Producing Heat
  • Costing More To Run Every Month
  • Takes More Time To Heat Up Than Normal
  • The Flame Is Yellow Instead Of Blue
  • Leaks Or Cracks
  • Strange Sounds
  • Unusual Smells

It is imperative to contact a reputable HVAC company as soon as you are experiencing any issues. The Stout family called us as soon as they were aware something was wrong with their boiler. If they had waited, their home could have been without heat, affecting their overall comfort. By acting swiftly, the Stout’s will enjoy nice long showers and a warm and comfortable home for years to come.

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